10 Unbelievable Tattoos You Can’t Unsee


+-*Tattoos are a personal and artistic expression of one’s self. Whether you got your first tattoo to commemorate a loved one, to remind you of a hard time you had to go through in life, or even simply just for fun, tattoos are a truly expressive and personal artform. To help celebrate people’s creativity we […]

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15 Abandoned Places That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

MariaElena1969 Flickr

+-*Some abandoned places look forlorn and lonely. Other places look a bit scary. These 15 places are going to make your hair stand on end and send chills crawling up your spine. 1. Disney’s Discovery Island The island was abandoned after deadly bacteria was discovered. It now is a playground only for animals and ghosts.

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11 Items You Can Order From Starbucks Secret Menu


+-*Most people who go to Starbucks tend to just order what is on the menu but interestingly enough most people don’t know that Starbucks has a secret menu. This secret menu has been created by dedicated baristas and passionate Starbucks customers. This list of of drinks is not listed anywhere. The great thing about this […]

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20 Amazing Places To Go Abroad Before You Die

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+-*Our planet earth is truly a remarkable place. There are so many breathtaking things to see and do. Trails to hike, mountains to climb, oceans to explore, wildlife to see, towers to look out from and ruins to admire. The world is so big that it is sometimes impossible to decide where to visit next. […]

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7 Shocking Conspiracy Theories That Sounded Crazy Until They Were Proven To Be True


+-*Conspiracy theories are always interesting. Who doesn’t like to ponder over individuals, groups or organizations that have covered certain events up. It is just so amusing to do our own little private investigation online and dig deeper to try to uncover some untold mysteries. Many conspiracy theories are farfetched and are unbelievable while others actually […]

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18 Insane Accidents That Occurred During Film Productions


+-*The time, effort, money and talent that is required to create a big budget film is sometimes enormous. Big budget films include some of the world’s most talented sound technicians, stunt doubles, actors, directors, 3d animators and crews. All these elements come together to create an incredible piece of art that is watched by millions […]

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20 Of The Greatest Advertisements Of All Time


+-*In Latin, advertising means to turn toward and that is exactly what many of the world’s leading brands like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Disney, Marlboro and many others have done so successfully. Advertising dates back to the time of the Egyptians who use to inscribe papyrus and hang them on walls for people to see. We can […]

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