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Still waiting for his website to officially confirm it though. Apparently, at the scene of the street art, a van was seen setting up the display. The choice of location was not random but a highlight of the recent crack at the mature gay cams


Photographer Jasper White went on a different kind of urban exploring mission. A mission to uncover some of the coolest “Man Sheds” and “Man Caves” around Australia. The one common factor in all of the sheds was the density of decor. Men love to jam the walls full of tools, and memorabilia and often try to sneak tsmate


Where do old pocket watches go to be reborn? If they are lucky, they head to the loving hands of Sue Beatrice. Sue takes old watches, repurposes the parts, and creates dramatic sculptures using the tiny components of the watches. Foxes appear in the watch works. Angels fly through time. A skeleton attempts to use


Photographer Alexandra Crockett knows odd combinations turn into the most amazing photography collections. Metal Cats is her ambitious undertaking of photographing extreme metal heads and their cute kitties. WARNING: Calling these cats cute may get your scratched to pieces. These tough cats have wicked names like Exhumed, Murder Construct, and Napalm Death, just to get



What is so special about pictures of young couples lounging around their home? Look closer. Those are not couples, they are pictures of the same person first dressed as a woman and then a man stitched together by the wacky photographic mind of JJ Levine. The couples look so perfectly matched, and now that you know shemale porn sites


Evil has its way of sneaking into art, but what you are about to see is just downright eerie and unsettling. These works of art were all created by serial killers before, during, or after their killing sprees. Are you ready? 1. Arthur Shawcross – The Genesee River Killer – Convicted of killing 14 people. exploitedblackteens


Vintage ads are awesome but vintage ads with modern-day celebrities are even better! Paris-based artist David Redon has taken vintage ads one step further by inserting modern-day celebs in them. Ads include Drake, Kanye West, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg (Lion), Beyonce, and Michael Jackson, among other popular people. David mention’s that this project has. Check out some more sites on this topic:

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