These 3 Evocative Facebook Ads Made the Truest Revelations About Friendship


Facebook has just revealed three thought-evoking and powerfully creative ads about the relatable truths about friendship. These three 60-second ads from the talented in-house agency The Factory convey just what friendship means to people. Simply put, the ads are relatable, direct, honest and humble. With a pleasant done leading us through the 60-sec campaign we […]

Sweat-Proof Sheets That Work!


In the winter you are too cold but in the summer you are sweating profusely when under the sheets. You toss and turn and get frustrated. You wake up the next day exhausted and on edge. Try swapping out your basic sheets for this incredible new set from 37.5. These sheets, woven from technical fabric, promise […]

13 Bizarre Life-Sized Interactive Street Art


As they saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and for French artist Levalet, it wasn’t necessarily trash per say but he uses everyday objects, imperfections, and urban decay to create unexpected and incredible street art. These installations are dark, dingy and incredible!

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Incredible Twisted, Hourglass-Like Skyscraper Design Proposal in Vienna


In Vienna, architects are looking to do something completely mind-bending or should we say tower-twisting. Rotterdam architecture firm MVRDV recently won a winning bid in a modern design competition, for a skyscraper construction in Vienna. Their proposed 361 foot tall tower is covered in glass that provides an almost endless view of Vienna’s cityscape. The […]

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11 Death-Defying Sky-High Rooftop Activities For Thrill Seekers


1. Rooftop Tennis Court, Dubai Tennis is an incredible sport to watch and play but how’s about playing tennis at a stomach-twisting height of 1,000 feet? The sky-high helipad tennis court in Dubai is the world’s highest tennis court and was a temporary installation atop the Burj al Arab luxury hotel, built in the lead-up to […]

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Audi’s Take on Fifty Shades of Grey

audi fifty shades of grey

Audi is taking advantage of the Fifty Shades of Grey popularity and creates a comical online spot. In an attempt to seduce her own Christian Grey, Vanessa Bayer recreates the infamous elevator scene from Fifty Shades of Grey and we are loving every second of it!