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10 Things Loners Never Have Worry About



People who love being alone are used to hearing people make wise comments like, “You need to get out more”, “You don’t know what you are missing”, and “You’ll never meet anyone sitting at home”. We know there is a little truth in those statements, but before you utter one of those proclamations again, consider these facts about loners.

1. Loners Don’t Worry About What “They” Think

People who enjoy being alone are not the hermits you imagine. They just enjoy being with themselves and usually have more self-confidence than all of their “gotta go” friends. They do not worry about what you think about their clothes. They are confident in their own skin whether they are wearing jeans, a swimsuit, or dressed to kill.

2. They don’t worry about what they say.

They have thought through important issues. They are comfortable with who they are and their beliefs. When a loner states their mind, it is not to impress you, it is their actual opinion and they are ready to stand behind it.

3. Loners do not act like they need to prove themselves to others.

Your friends who love the social limelight are always trying to make sure they look great and leave the right impression, even if they have play a role. Loners don’t need to prove themselves, they know themselves. They are confident with their personal choices in style, their beliefs, and their opinions. If you ┬ádon’t like it, then it must be your problem.