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10 Things Single People Are Saying That Are, Well, Keeping Them Single



We’re all searching for the one, no wonder we’re still looking.

Looking around, I observe the singlegenous human specie … it seems to be unrealistic, entitled, arrogant and highly judgemental.

From what I’ve observed, singles seem to think they themselves are perfect. Entitled to the perfect mate to complement their imperfect, yet seemingly in their own eyes, perfection. Reality check, perfection doesn’t exist and having ridiculously high expectations of others will result in people having ridiculously high expectations of you and you’re therefore going to remain single and staring into oblivion wondering why you’re single.

Things that single girls say that make my ears bleed:

“He doesn’t make enough money” My response: and you do?

“I want a guy like my dad” My response: your dad’s bald.

“He doesn’t have enough swag” My response: why would a guy with swag want to date you?

“He’s 25 years old he should be established.” My response: a healthy eye roll.

“ I don’t get why he’s not jumping at the opportunity to ask me out. I’m really pretty, I’m a professional and I’m simple. My response: ok.

“Find me a guy.” My response: You don’t find a guy, a relationship finds you.

“There’s no one in this city.” My response: you’re looking in the wrong places.

“Why wouldn’t he want to date me? I’m better than him.” My response: -_-

“Doesn’t your boyfriend have friends for me?” My mental response: If I wouldn’t want to be set up with you why would they?

“Should I start talking to my ex again?” My mental response: He probably broke up with you for all the statements above.

Things that single guy’s say that burn my ears:

“She’s not pretty enough.”

“She’s not skinny.”

“I’m looking for a girl who is (insert unattainable qualities one human can all poses) “ My response: they biggest problem is that you’re actually looking.

“Her hair isn’t dark/long/short/light/red/brown/blonde/thin/thick enough.”

“She’s going to spend all my money.” My response: but you don’t have any money for her to spend…

“I want a girl who no one knows.” My mental response: there’s a reason you say girl and not woman……

“I want a girl who’s never been with anyone else.” My response: remind me how many people you’ve been with?

“I want a girl who’s not high maintenance.” My response: so basically a girl you won’t have to spend any money on.


Relationships aren’t about success, money, reputation or swagga. The point of relationships are to be around people who motivate you to love, learn and to be yourself, whether that’s in a friendship or romantic relaysh. Looking for the perfect person will leave you highly disappointed and highly single. What matters? Respect, care, sharing and the amount of laughing/peeing yourself is done with a person who is imperfect but perfect for you. Look (not to hard) for a person you have things in common with or not in common with, that way you can learn from each other. My boyfriend is a reserved, musician, who loves to cook, who thinks logically and loves to fuck shit up. I’m very outgoing, artistic, who likes to eat food made by other people, who thinks critically and loves to fuck shit up. It works. See what you do have in common and build from there.

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