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11 Hot Reasons You Should Visit Miami This Winter



Are you planning your winter escape? We will bet your eyes are looking towards Mexico, the Caribbean, a flight down under to Australia or New Zealand, but have you thought about sticking a little closer to home? We have 11 super hot reasons you may want to consider Miami as your winter escape this year.

1. Shorter Flights

As you already know, shorter flights equals lower costs and less jet lag. How do you beat having more money and energy for your winter adventure?

2. Killer New Year’s Eve Parties

Miami is home to some of the best New Year’s Eve blowouts on the planet including the parties at The Dalano and The Shore Club. Would you prefer freezing off your tail in New York City or dancing in a short sleeved shirt?

3. Home to Incredible Art

Miami may not be the first city to pop into your mind as an art addicts getaway, but when the city boasts both the Perez Art Museum of Miami and Art Basel, along with some of the most incredible street art anywhere, it should be on your short list. Besides, do you want to be warm or freezing between galleries?

4. The Soho Beach House

Are you a member of SOHO International? Then get on down to Miami and hobnob with celebrities who flock to The Soho Beach House to escape the cold.

5. People Watching

Beaches, night clubs, art galleries, incredible shopping, and did we mention beaches? People watching may become your favorite Miami sport.

6. Art Deco Architecture

Did you know that Miami has the largest collection of Art Deco architecture on the planet? If you love to shoot Instragram shots featuring incredible architecture, this is your city.

7. Sports, Sports, Sports

Miami is a sports mecca. The state has professional teams, highly ranked college teams, baseball training camps, golf courses, swimming, biking, hiking, and sports adventures.

8. Diet Motivation

Ok, maybe you were not going on vacation to think about shedding a few pounds, but once you hit Miami and see all the hard bodies at the clubs, on the beach and strolling the streets, you are sure to get motivated to get in shape.

9. Insane Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Hotspot

No matter what itch you need to scratch before the big event, Miami can help you do it. The clubs, beaches, and sensual atmosphere will finish draining off all of your wildness and prepare you to settle down. (Or not.)

10. Cultural Diversity

There are over 100 different languages spoken in Miami, a city where almost half of the residents are foreign born. This cultural diversity leads to incredible opportunities to sample food and culture from around the globe in one city.

11. The Beach

Yes, Hawaii has beaches. Mexico has beaches, but where else can you find incredible beaches stretching for miles, with warm temperatures, with only a short flight, and no passport required for American citizens?

Are you ready to hit the beach?

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