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12 Ways Your Relationship With Your Parents Changes As You Get Older


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Our childhood lives are dominated by input from our parent. Whether our parents ruled the home with love or a smack from a ruler, they were the ones in charge, and our relationship was clearly defined. As we grow up our relationship with our parents morph into something very different. Here are 12 ways our relationships with our parents change as we finally grow up.

  1. You quit sneaking out to get away from your parents, now you sneak in time to spend with them.
  2. Your parents used to ground you from using the phone, now they are the ones who you spend the most time on the phone with.
  3. The advice you used to hate, is now the advice you crave. You suddenly discover they are much wiser than you thought.
  4. As a teenager you dreaded talking to your parents. Now, whenever trouble crops up, you talk to them first.
  5. Remember when your parents limited your computer use? Now you cannot get them off of their computers.
  6. You used to hate going out with your parents, now you call them to go out to dinner frequently.
  7. They were the last people you called with good news as a teen, now they are on speed dial for any good news.
  8. Not only are they on speed dial for good news, you call them first with bad news instead of grumbling to friends.
  9. When you need to talk to someone who will give advice, without judgement, you forget your friends and head to mom and dad’s house.
  10. You switched from thinking your parents ruined all your fun, to being amazed at how much they improved your life every day.
  11. You may have thought mom and dad were on a different page before, but now you realize they have always wanted what is best for you, not for them.
  12. You no longer shut off the computer screen when mom and dad show up. Now you turn on the computer to show them the last 5,000 digital pictures you shot.

Life with our parents change dramatically as we age. Maybe that is because we are suddenly mature enough to figure out how cool they have always been.

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