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14 Bizarre Skyscrapers and Towers You May Ever See



We usually focus the beautiful, the fantastic, and the most luxurious skyscrapers leaping up around the world. Today it is time to take a look at their ugly stepchildren. These 14 skyscrapers and towers are the world’s weirdest and most unusual towers. Are you ready for a dose of awesome ugliness?

1. Genex Tower – The Ugly Gateway of Belgrade


(image via: wikipedia)

The Genex Tower is lovingly referred to by residents as “phenomenally ugly.”

2. Ryugyong Hotel – North Korea’s Raw Concrete Triangle


(image via: wikipedia)

The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea was stuck in a half-done state for years, but now that it has been completed it has been winning accolades as the World’s Ugliest Hotel.

3. Elephant Building – Bangkok


(image via: thomas riddle)

You can stare at this strange three towered building for a week and never understand why they call it the Elephant Building. It looks more like an ugly duckling to us.

4. Robot Building – Bangkok


(image via: wikipedia)

Thailand continues their quest to have the strangest architecture in the world with the Robot Building. As least this building looks like its title, but they could have made a better choice of robots.

5. CCTV Headquarters, Beijing


(image via: buyalex)

This 44-story skyscraper has been nicknamed “Big Boxer Shorts” for its unusual design and appearance. China has built some of the most sensational buildings in the last few years, but this is not one of them.

6. Torre Velasca, Milan, Italy


(image via: david.orban)

Some buildings become known as a communities eye-sore. Torre Velasca has become that building in Milan, Italy. Its mushroom style is not a tasty portobello, it is more of a poisonous toadstool blighting the skyline.

7. Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


(image via: the full wiki)

Why would anyone build a skyscraper that looks like a tall bucket with a handle? The odd keyhole design for the Kingdom Centre was added to comply with laws prohibiting occupied floors above a certain height, while still letting it become Saudi Arabia’s tallest building.