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14 Things All Healthy Couples Share



How many of these little items do you share in your relationship? How many do you really want us to know about?

1. Sharing showers even though you enjoy hot water more than he/she does.

You may have started the relationship showering at home before dates, now you jump in the shower together. You wash each other’s backs. You shampoo her hair. You may even drop down and wash his/her feet.

2. Squeezing zits and popping his/her whiteheads. (Gross… but satisfying)

Who said everything was pretty? You probably thought you would never do this, but when your partner can’t reach that nasty pimple, or ugly blackhead, you take care of it. Just be careful when you pop a painful one, you might get a painful smack.

3. Late night fast food runs to satisfy those cravings. (I just want one fry…)

Or is that early morning? You stay up watching TV. You come home late. Suddenly, one of you is starving. You jump in the car and dash to McDonalds, Taco Bell, or some other open all-night fast food joint and pig out while you talk. It’s just natural.