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15 Of The Most Annoying Things People Do At The Movies



You go to the movie theater to escape life for a few moments and to enjoy the movie. You get settled in your seat. It is right at that moment THEY show up. Those annoying people who violate one of more of  our top 15 annoying things people do at the theater. How many of these did you see at your last movie?

1. Showing up to the movie in their superhero costumes.

2. Taking their kids to the R-Rated movie.

3. Constantly scratching their heads like they have hair lice.

4. Obnoxiously loud laughing.

5. Answering calls, texting, or playing games on their cell phone.

6. Bringing McDonald’s or Pizza Hut for the entire family.

7. Smacking, crunching, and slurping loudly on their snacks.

8. Saving a dozen seats, only to have 3 other people show up.

9. Non-stop talking through the entire movie.

10. Yelling at the movie. (You didn’t know the director was in the theater.)

11. Putting their feet up on the chair in front of them.

12. Showing up late, then using their cell phone flashlight to find a seat.

13. The tiny bladder people. How many times can anyone go to the bathroom in 2 hours?

14. Explaining the plot, or revealing the ending, because they already saw it.

15. Spilled drinks, tossed popcorn, and ketchup smears. Yes, those kids again.

Those are the same 15 items that make DVD new releases such big sellers.

Via Complex / Image via Seinfeld on Facebook