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15 Signs Your Relationship Is Meant to Be



Do you ever question is this is the one? This list of 15 signs of relationships packed with love and longevity may help you answer the question.

1. You tell him/her things you don’t tell anyone else.

When you start confiding your deepest desires, dreams, and secrets with that special someone in your life, instead of your friends, you know the relationship is headed somewhere special. It is a sign of deep trust and respect.

2. You let them see you in your weakest moments.

Not only do you let them see you in these moments, you seek them out. They become the rock you rely on in your most vulnerable times. They give you support like no one else.

3. You respect them.

They might wear worn out sneakers around the house. They may have habits you hate, but underneath all their little annoying traits, you have deep respect for who they are and do not want to change them.