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15,000 Square Foot Ultra-Lush Underground Private Spa


underground private spa

What would you do if you had more money than you could spend in a lifetime and 15,000 feet of unused underground space. After looking at these pictures, you may have a completely new plan. Designer Lawson Robb was commissioned by a private investor to create an incredible underground private spa. Lawson worked with architects to come up with a plan to turn the 15,000 square feet into a retreat that is unmatched by the finest hotels and resorts in the world. Swimming pools, hot tubs, massage tables, rest areas, and incredibly relaxing architecture filled the space. The theme focused on white, chrome, with natural wood highlights.

The only question remaining is whether you would ever be able to go back to work once you ventured into your new spa. It would be tempting to just stay in the hidden spa and order food in for weeks on end.






Via Lawson Robb