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20 Of The Greatest Advertisements Of All Time


In Latin, advertising means to turn toward and that is exactly what many of the world’s leading brands like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Disney, Marlboro and many others have done so successfully. Advertising dates back to the time of the Egyptians who use to inscribe papyrus and hang them on walls for people to see. We can also argue that many various wall art from times way back, could be interpreted as advertising for particular goods or services. In our days, brands have so many outlets to reach their customers and they are no longer limited to billboards, television or radio. As consumers we are constantly exposed to messages, some even subliminal that help us make our everyday consumption decisions. In the following article we will highlight some of the companies that stood out from the rest by creating memorable and unbelievable advertisement campaigns.

1. Johnnie Walker – Human (the android)


With many restrictions imposed by the government when advertising alcohol on television brands had to become more creative in their suggestive advertising. The Human (the android) ad by Johnnie walker incorporates subtle metaphors to arouse interest, add colour, and paint a vivid picture of perfection. Interestingly enough, the android features a brewery-like skull.