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20 Things Everyone Should Know Before They Turn 20



We always hope young adults are wise when they reach voting age. Schools teach knowledge, but cannot teach the wisdom you will fin in these 20 important lessons everyone should know before the vote or get involved in a serious relationship.

1. No one else can make you happy.

Seriously. A new boyfriend or girlfriend will not make you happy. A new boss will not make you happy. Happiness is a decision. You can choose to do a tedious job while rocking out to some great music, or you can be unhappy. Choose happiness often.

2. Your stuff will break.

If someone made it, it is going to break. Your car will break. Your refrigerator will fail. Your clothes will wear out. Don’t get hung up on things, instead enjoy them while they work, plan for the future, and enjoy the ride.

3. Birthdays bring out the strangest “friends”.

Throwing birthday party, or even having your birthday announced on Facebook, brings the strangest people crawling out of the woodwork. Friends you have not seen in 10 years will contact you. People you don’t even know will suddenly be friends.

4. It is the simple things that will make your days great.

Your mind is probably swirling with all the big things that you want to improve your life, but it is the smallest things that will turn today into something fabulous. A friend picks up the check at lunch. A co-worker gets your cup of coffee. A child drags you into a game filled with laughter.

5. Not everyone will like each other.

No matter how bad you want it, or how hard you try, all of your friends, family, and co-workers are not going to like each other. Most will, but some will just rub each other the wrong way. Don’t try to fix it. Just accept that’s the way life is, and choose to enjoy them separately. (P.S. They won’t all like you, either.)

6. Getting really angry at others is insane.

They win. Quite simply, it is not worth your time and effort to get that angry at anyone. When you do, they win. Let things go. It is usually better to walk away confident in your position than to go to war to win a point. Remember rule number 1?  Apply it now.

7. Laugh at your birthdays.

They did not throw a party. You had to work. No one gave you a gift. So what? You will quickly learn that birthdays are just another day. Do not give it so much emphasis except to laugh at all of those people from rule #3. If you want to make it special, bring your own cake and give the entire office a gag gift. Then you are back to rule #1.

8. Cheer at criticism.

Did the boss criticize your work? Did your significant other point out something you did wrong? Do you know what that means? You are doing things right. People notice you and care. They want to help. Celebrate the criticism.

9. Everyone has something important to say.

Do you want to succeed in a life? Learn to listen. People love when you listen to them and even more importantly, they support YOU because you heard them. Sometimes the best ideas will come from the most unlikely person, so keep your ears open and let them share.

10. Look to the stars, frequently.

When you need to recapture the beauty of life, look at the stars. When you need to reconnect with your spiritual side, gaze into the vastness of the stars. When you feel overwhelmed by life, look at the stars and remember how tiny of speck we are in this vast universe. The night sky can reinvigorate your spirit and is 100% free.