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3D Skull Made From Irish Cream Chocolate


3d skull irish cream

We love 3D art. We love chocolate. We love Irish cream. Imagine how we must feel when looking at this amazing 3D Skull created from Irish cream flavored chocolate. It is pure lust. The scary looking skull is created from real white chocolate that has been enhanced with the flavor or Irish cream then molded into the skull shape. Each skull is then painted with an edible glimmer to add to the realistic look. Picture the looks on the faces of children when you snap a piece off this realistic looking skull and start eating it. You may see the little goblins, witches, and zombies on Halloween night sprinting from your home believing they have just seen a real monster.

This lust inducing skull is available from the Frosted Petticoat for $27.50.

Via Frosted Petticoat