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57 Chandelier by Omer Arbel for Bocci


57 chandelier by omer arbel for bocci at Euroluce

The 57 Chandelier by Omer Arbel, created for Bocci, is a study in ingenious use of glass. Omer took the idea of how glass has variable malleability at different temperatures to create artistic globs of glass. No, that is not a scientific term, but describes the look perfectly. Each glob of glass is created using a series of smaller glass orbs that are stitched together with molten glass. The orbs are then coated with dark outer layer creating the glob. It does not sound too intriguing yet.

The magic begins when you turn on the internal lights. Each of the small globes of glass ignite in color creating a world of beauty within each of the larger encasing globs of glass. The chandelier is created from dozens of these globs of glass each having a series of lighted glass orbs. The effect in a dark room is amazing.


Via Omer Arbel