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6 Next Generation Designs From Electrolux Design Competition That Will Leave You In Awe



The Electrolux Design Lab received over 1700 entrants to this year’s design competition. They have now cut the list down to the top 6 contenders. 6 amazing designs that are ready to step us into the future. Feast your eyes on some of the most incredible inventions we have seen this year. Are we ready for the future?

The six entrants chosen for the finals include:

1. Set To Mimic – Think Chocolate, Eat Broccoli

This design entrant would change the way we eat, especially our kids. The Set to Mimic design proposes to create a plate that communicates to our brain using wireless systems to trick our minds into believing we are eating something else. Your spinach could taste like potato chips, or fresh broccoli could taste like chocolate.

2. Future Hunter-Gatherer – The Return of the Caveman

Imagine catching fish with a light saber, rounding up cattle, or going out into the field to harvest corn. The Future Hunter-Gatherer design combines game play, wireless communication to your local market, and high-tech to entertain, teach, and feed us. You use a wireless saber to capture or harvest food in the game, which then sends a message to your local market to deliver the right ingredients to make a meal with your catch.

3. Pure Towel – Clean and Dry Towels Instantly

Have you ever been disgusted at a friend’s home trying to dry your hands on a slightly damp towel you are convinced is packed with germs? Pure Towel uses an ultraviolet light to slide down the length of the towel drying, purifying, and disinfecting the towel in moments. This is one design Electrolux could get onto the Home Shopping Network, Amazon, and into Walmart fast.

4. Urban Cone – Flying Jellyfish Clean The Air

The Urban cone looks like a jellyfish but does something completely different. The Urban Cone is a floating drone designed to fly in your yard, or around your city with the mission of removing pollution from the air. It sucks in dirty air and breathes out fresh clean air. Can you imagine a life where jellyfish float through your city and the air is crystal clear?

5. PETE – Recycling Plastic Bottles Into Clothes

The PETE design may have you feeling like you stepped onto the Star Trek Enterprise. You put in old plastic bottles, choose a fashion style, and it 3D prints the style so you are ready for a night out.

6. Lotus – The Seed of Fresh Air

Frying fish or those horrible bathroom odors are about to meet their match. Lotus is a revolutionary idea for freshening home air. A central unit that looks like a flower bud is responsible for cleaning the bulk of the air, but it contains seeds of fresh air, too. Whenever you plan to cook a pungent dish, or smell up the bathroom, you take along one of the Lotus seeds, which clean the air right where you are.

These concepts are not ready for market, but their innovative designs and ideas show us the future is going to be very interesting.

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