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6 Reasons Why She Hates When You Play Video Games



Let’s face it guys, sometimes it’s just so peaceful to sit down and let out some steam by playing Call of Duty, Halo, among other popular video games. Problem is, as much fun as you are having, the girlfriend doesn’t always approve and most of the time hates every minute she sees you fixated to the TV. You ask yourself why but really, is she right to hate on your Playstation, iPhone, Xbox and PC and here are some reasons why she might.

1. You don’t give her any attention as soon as you turn on the game console.

Admit that as soon as the power button is pressed you totally zone out. You don’t give your significant other any attention and whatever she might be saying goes in one ear and out the other.

2. You lose track of time (Like seriously, no concept of time).

You can never just play for one hour. You get submerged into your gore or action-filled game and lose total track of time to the point where you don’t even eat or blink for that matter.

3. You are wasting your time (It’s just a game but to you…your life).

As much fun as you think you are having you are wasting a ton of time. Instead of going to the gym, spending time with your better half you are just sitting there.

4. Playing video games is for kids, so grow up!

Just grow up already, how many more years can you play games for. She has a point though, as much fun as it is, you can admit that it’s for kids.

5. She has no interest in watching you play even though you tell her it’s fun.

As much as she tries to sit next to you and encourage you as you gun your way through missions and bosses she doesn’t really care wether you win or lose. She just wants you to save your game and turn it off already.

6. Video games are your go-to activity, when she should be.

She is right… Your video games are your guilty pleasure. You would rather spend time alone then go on a nice walk or just eat at a romantic restaurant.

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