90 Meter Slip-N-Slide Planed for Bristol’s High Street – Indulgd

90 Meter Slip-N-Slide Planed for Bristol’s High Street



If you do a quick search on YouTube, you can find dozens of fatally funny slip-n-slide accidents. Now imagine the fun and mayhem that can break out of if you lay down a 90 meter long Slip-N-Slide down the middle of a descending street in Bristol. This is not only possible, but has already been tested during the winter months. The idea comes from Luke Jerram, who suggested the idea for the “Make Sunday Special” plans of Bristol. Luke and friends setup and did a test run to check the safety of slide.

Would you dare it? Picture the speed you could obtain with a short running start, a diving belly flop, and the downhill track. Does fame of the best run at Bristol loom in your future, or a quick trip to the emergency room. We are anxiously awaiting footage of this summers full-blown 90 meter Slip-N-Slide adventure. And to answer your question, sure we would.



Via Gizmodo and Luke Jerram