Abandoned Market in Toluca Mexico Hides A Stained Glass Wonderland


Sometimes the abandoned places that hold promise are re-imagined and reborn, like the amazing rebirth of an abandoned market in Toluca, Mexico. The market opened for business in 1910 and remained open until 1975 when it was abandoned, but only for a short while. Artist Leopoldo Flores had a new vision for the facility, a vision that would transform the location into one of the most amazing destinations in Toluca. His vision was so powerful that he was able to convince government officials to invest in revamping the structure into the Cosmovitral, or glass cosmo. The building now is encased in stained glass art, filled with lush gardens, and water features which of transformed the market into a place of beauty, tranquility, and meditation.

We often focus on the demise of abandoned places, but hidden in the decay is often the building blocks of something spectacular, if only someone like Leopoldo Flores stepped forward with the will, the vision, and a compelling story to reclaim and rebuild.









Via Visual News and Wikipedia