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Adidas Honors Return of Stan Smith with Shoebox Store



Adidas never likes to let a big moment go by quietly, so to honor the return of Steve Smith, they not only launched new shoes, they launched an entire new Steve Smith Adidas Shoebox store in London. The store is designed to look exactly like the newly released Steve Smith sneaker’s box, but once you get inside everything changes. It is a fully functional Adidas store stocked with, of course, Steve Smith shoes. The white and green interior sticks with the shoe’s color scheme making it an even more dramatic place to visit. The store was designed by Innovate-7.

If you are wondering who Steve Smith is, he was a professional tennis player in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s who Adidas brought into the family to help design and market the highly popular Steve Smith Tennis Court Shoe. The shoe was off the market since 2011 and has just relaunched to an excited tennis world.






Via Fubiz and Wikipedia