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Amusing Posters of Gigantic Mustaches for Movember


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The Movember event is almost finished for another year, but this years advertising posters created by VML are still the talk of the event. Movember is a mustache growing event to help raise awareness of men’s cancers including prostrate and testicular cancer. The advertising posters from VLM plastered wickedly large fake mustaches on the faces of men along with entertaining sayings. The campaign is to help spread awareness of both men’s cancer issues and to remind men to grow wicked mustaches in support of the Movember movement.

The posters catchy sayings and funny photos showcase the humorous way the movement seeks to bring awareness to more men. A clever idea that leaves us pondering the tough question the campaign poses, “Are you dedicated enough to grow a mustache that scares children to further the cause?”




Via  I Believe In Advertising and Movember