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An Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater in the Desert of Sinai


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Dusty, dry, hot, and empty. A dream gone awry. In the early 2000’s, a Frenchman found himself wandering the desert of Egypt and made a very strange observation. Their was not theater in the sand. He rushed back to France, raised money, raced back to Egypt and installed a theater with real theater seat neatly aligned in the sands of the desert. A movie screen stood proudly at the front of the theater. A projector stood ready for action. Generators were in place ready to provide power. Opening night the generators were found sabotaged, no clients arrived, and the theater closed faster than the dream began.

Today, that theater still stands in the desert, awaiting the arrival of nomads who wish to capture a movie as the sandstorm rips through the aisles. An imaginative idea, that was quickly thwarted by local authorities and local disinterest, but still stands as a tribute to dreams, vision, and hard work.





Via Abandoned Geography and Kaupo Kikkas Photography