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Watch This Incredible Video of the Apollo Space Missions


NASA has curated the most unbelievable project on Flickr called The Project Apollo Archive. It is a free to use photo archive on Flickr, that contains around 8,400 images from various Apollo Space Missions. All the images are breathtaking and absolutely incredible to look at. Rather than just looking at the photos, this archive is meant for artists to use and create something new.

To add to this wonderful collection and experience, photographer Chris Coupland put together an incredible video using photos, that will immerse you into an incredible space odyssey.

“Between the years of 1969 and 1972 the human race accomplished arguably the single greatest technological achievement of all time, when humans first set foot on another celestial body.

This short film is a tribute to the NASA Apollo Program space missions which successfully landed 12 men on the Moon. It was created entirely from still images from the Project Apollo Archive, which has bought together scans of all the original unprocessed images taken by the crews of the Apollo 10 to 17 space missions.”

You will truly enjoy the video above.