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Apple iPhone 6 & 6S Smart Battery Cases


Apple decided it was time to take on iPhone charging cases head on with their latest Apple iPhone 6 and 6S Smart Battery Cases. The case is currently available for the aforementioned iPhone models and will provide an extra 25 hours of alk time, 18 hours of LTE web browsing, and 20 hours of HD video playback. A truly impressive amount of extra time for those of you who use your iPhone as a veritable computer. For this particular Smart Battery Cases, Apple ditched its standard two-piece battery case design for a flexible one-piece silicon case that allows for an ultra easy removal while providing a grippy surface and additional shock absorption if dropped. A microfiber inner lining also insure that your iPhone is nestled nice and tight without any fear of scratching its soft surface. The Smart Battery Cases also displays its remaining battery percentage on the lock screen as well as in the Notification Center. Compatible with Lightning cables, the Smart Battery Case is available from today in charcoal and white colorways purchase your own in stores and online for $99. Will you still buy cases from their competition? [Purchase]

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