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Ark Nova Full Size Inflatable Concert Hall


ark nova

Sculptor Anish Kapoor and Architect Arata Isozaki were issued a challenge by the Lucerne Festival. They wanted an inflatable music hall capable of holding 500 people, a stage, concert equipment, and they wanted it portable so it could tour the tsunami damaged areas of Japan. The creativity of Kapoor and Isozaki resulted in Ark Nova, the world’s first full-sized inflatable concert hall, a hall of incredible beauty. The challenge was not just a simple request to build a music hall, but a facility that embodied the spirit of music and the joy of life. Ark Nova exceeds all expectations creating a concert venue packed with beauty, space, acoustic perfection, and a zest for life needed in the damaged areas of Japan.

Ark Nova can be deflated and packed in trailers for movement to new venues with relative ease. The entire structure appears as a giant flowing red mass from the outside, but stepping inside you are delighted to the beautiful artistry and sculpture that is Ark Nova.






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