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Bentply Chair by Richard Evans

Take one sheet of plywood, make a few cuts, fold, and sit. OK, that sounds cool, but how do you tell your clients about it? You...
By  July 11, 2013

Graffiti Inspired Sofa by Tilt and Amaze-Art

Tilt has become one of the world’s most recognized and celebrated Graffiti artists for his ability to push our minds to...
By  July 11, 2013

Rain Bookshelf by Artem Zigert

What was Artem Zigert thinking when he designed this bookshelf? There are zero shelves. Now, look closer. The bookcase is...
By  July 8, 2013

Modern Zombie Proof Safe House Will Protect You From The Walking Dead

We know about safe rooms created by security companies, architects, and as we have seen on television, but this home takes the...
By  July 7, 2013

Anarchitecture by Olivier Ratsi

All artists seem to have a unique vision of the world that is different from our own and Olivier Ratsi takes this in a unique...
By  July 7, 2013