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Anarchitecture by Olivier Ratsi

All artists seem to have a unique vision of the world that is different from our own and Olivier Ratsi takes this in a unique...
By  July 7, 2013

Slide House in Nakameguro by LEVEL Architects

LEVEL Architects of Japan must have had a real play day when they designed the Slide House in Nakameguro. As you pull up to the...
By  July 5, 2013

Label Chair by Felix Guyon

Craftsmanship, artistry, and clever thinking were combined by Felix Guyon when he created the Chaise Etiquette / Label Chair....
By  July 3, 2013

Bulb Shaped Chandelier by Kulyev

Russian designer Kulyev decided to have a little fun with one of his recent lighting designs. He created an indented area in the...
By  July 1, 2013

Metamorfosis by Sebastian Errazuriz

Imagine the type of bookshelves Gandalf the Wizard would own. Picture bookshelves owned by elves. The Metamorfosis by Sebastian...
By  June 25, 2013