Barber Shaves & Trims Wants to Unleash Your Bearded Beast – Indulgd

Barber Shaves & Trims Wants to Unleash Your Bearded Beast



Advertising for barbers is usually boring and mundane, but not the campaign created by 180 Amsterdam for Barber Shaves & Trims.  180 Amsterdam created a series of pictures showcasing wild animals with carefully trimmed and styled beards and mustaches. A Bison showcases his dramatic goatee. A bear stands at attention with his full beard and long mustache. An elk is just as proud of his handlebar mustache as he is his massive rack. A hippo proves that even a larger beast can look great with a simple stylish mustache. The posters call for us to “Tame the Beast”, but we feel more inclined that by looking great, you “Unleash the Beast” with your new found good looks and soaring confidence.

The campaign is one of the most memorable barber campaigns in recent memory, a skillful job of combining photographic interest with a clever message.





Via Fubiz and Barber Shaves & Trims