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BEELoved Honey Conceptual Design by Tamara Mihajlović



Tamara Mihajlović and her design partner Njegos Lakic Tajsic of Serbia produced a design concept that leaves viewers salivating in desire. They created an entire brand concept of their fictional company BeeLoved Honey that revolves around the design of the jar. The crystal shaped jar captures your eyes and draws attention to the pyramid shaped piece of honeycomb entombed in the jar along with luscious natural honey. Tamara and Njegos took their design concept to the limits by creating the jar, labels, and even securing several forms of natural honey to photograph in the jars.

The concept produces a honey gift that is beautiful, intriguing, and desirable. Our only hope is someone grabs hold of their idea and creates the product. The delicious feel of their design leaves us hungering for gourmet honey right now.

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