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14 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make Too Frequently – Did You?


The heat of a new relationship can cause our brains to shutoff, and frequently leads to couples making some very bad decisions. Those mistakes can fester into relationship destroying wounds, or take away the magic of the person you love. How many of these mistakes are you two making?

1. Dressing down, constantly. Take care of yourself!


You may feel like the dating game is over, but remember, you started the relationship looking great. Do not stop getting dressed up for each other just because you are getting comfortable. You can dress down for most days, but make sure you get dressed up just as perfectly for dates, or even to drop in at the office. They want to impress their friends and co-workers with their catch.

2. Don’t lose your individuality. You are amazing!

There are three parts to your relationship. There is the two of you as a couple. There is you. There is your partner. When you begin to lose you, the couple gets weaker. If you lose personal identity and just become the couple, then if disaster strikes in the form of death or divorce, you are lost. Keep you self-identity strong to build a more powerful relationship and to make sure you can always stand alone.