Bizarre Yet Creative Distorted Furniture Will Bend Your Mind



No one shook the camera when these pictures were taken. No digital manipulation was used to make the furniture looks so odd. The Distorted Furniture from Ferruccio Laviani, an Italian architect, was designed and built to be distorted just like you see it. Ferruccio creates furniture that challenges our senses making us wonder if we need to clean our glasses or adjust our screen. The sudden zig and zags are intentional, planned, and carefully carved into each piece.

These unique wood pieces are just the start of the magic from the creative designer mind of Ferruccio Laviani. Other pieces appear as mash-ups from multiple pieces of furniture, use unusual materials, or take off in unexpected directions. Don’t worry, your vision is perfect, it is the mind and creations of Ferruccio Laviani that are distorted.





Via Toxel and Laviani