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Book Covers by Pierre Kleinhouse


book covers pierre kleinhouse

Pierre Kleinhouse is a freelance artist still studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. Do not let the fact he is still a student fool you. Pierre is a highly talented illustrator who has a knack for creating covers for books that capture both the attention of children and the child in guys like us. The laughing bear roasting fish over a fire reminds us of our own love of burning food. What man cannot relate to the bear trapped, but still tinkering with his tools to get the trap off his foot? Yes, any of us can imagine using a saw to get rid of a beehive, forgetting about what the results are probably going to be. Pierre has captured the bear in each of us men in his three intriguing book covers.

You can view more of Kleinhouse’s illustrations and works on his website.




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