Delicious Breakfast in Monochrome by Fabienne Plangger



Imagine walking to your breakfast nook and finding all the food was shades of a single color. The mental picture we create is not pretty, but the creations of Fabienne Plangger are delectable to both our eyes and inspire our taste buds, too. Fabienne teamed up with artists David Reiner, Sebastian Hierner, and Karin Stöckl, to create these amazing breakfast pairings and setups that all are in single color palette. The thought of sitting down to a table full of green food for breakfast does not sound appealing until you see the creation for this foursome. Each color creates a startling imagery that tantalizes the eyes, but the choices of food tantalize the appetite just as much.

While we might prefer a table filled with colorful variety, these combinations are both mouthwatering and eye-appealing.




Via Fabienne Plangger