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The Cold History of A World War II Bunker Split Open



The history of warfare and defence in the Netherlands stretches back to 1815 with the creation of New Dutch Waterline defence, that consisted of 700 strategic defence locations and their fortifications. Bunker 599 was built in 1940, a solid concrete structure designed with thick walls supposedly impenetrable by WWII bombers. The bunker was designed to hold 13 soldiers in tiny rooms, protecting them, while they defended the nation. The impenetrability of Bunker 599 was set aside by concrete saws that cut a passageway straight through the center of the bunker. The RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon studios worked on this project together to show the citizens of the Netherlands the real life saga faced by soldiers who defended the country. The walkway down the hill to the water passes right through the building, which now stands gaping open showing off the rooms and spaces providing safety to the fighters.

War is never pretty, but seeing the remnants of war transformed into a testament to the soldiers of the Netherlands and the freedoms of their people, is a thing of elegance.

bunker 599




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