Meet the Modular Micro Apartments That Are The Future of NYC


-+*Having the luxury of living in a specious New York apartment is getting more and more rare. They ain’t making any more land and what is left on the realestate market is unaffordable. This might all change with an incredible new project that will involve the construction of affordable micro apartments. The nine-storey project in […]

A 57-Storey Skyscraper Built In Only 19 Days

skyscraper built in 19 days

-+*When building any skyscraper, time is money! The quicker the build, the quicker its residents can move in, pay rent and generate business. Taking these important factors into consideration a Chinese construction company has done the once impossible. This construction company has managed to complete a 57-storey skyscraper in only 19 days! Using prefabricated and […]

12 Mind-Blowing Hotels You Need To Stay At On AirBnB


-+*AirBnB has made it possible for a lot of us to hop from city-to-city and country-to-country and discover beautiful new destinations. If you love to travel and are looking for an alternative to a hotel chain to stay at, AirBnb proves to be an incredible source for affordable and sometimes totally unbelievable properties to stay […]

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14 Space-Efficient Home Interior Designs From Japan


-+*Land is limited and living in heavily populated urban areas sometimes means that your primary residence might be quite small. When your residence is small your home’s interior living efficiency is a priority. Homeowners want to be able to pack in as much as they can in a small space. As many Japanese architects are […]

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10 Most Expensive Buildings on Earth


-+*Construction of amazing new high rises, luxury hotels, and amazing homes never ceases, but do you know the most expensive buildings on our planet? Following is a list counting down the 10 most expensive buildings to add to your “must see” bucket list. 10. Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas When the incredible Dunes Hotel was […]

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Space-Wasting Vanity Space in the World’s Tallest Skyscrapers Revealed


-+*Just how a bow on a perfectly wrapped present can make it that much more large and appealing, the same can apply to majestically-tall buildings. It turns out that some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers are topped off with useless “empty” space to increase their height. The council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), […]

Incredible Twisted, Hourglass-Like Skyscraper Design Proposal in Vienna


-+*In Vienna, architects are looking to do something completely mind-bending or should we say tower-twisting. Rotterdam architecture firm MVRDV recently won a winning bid in a modern design competition, for a skyscraper construction in Vienna. Their proposed 361 foot tall tower is covered in glass that provides an almost endless view of Vienna’s cityscape. The […]

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This Building Is Designed With Graffiti Built Into Its Walls


-+*Sometimes street art is appreciated but most of the time vandalism in the form of graffiti on buildings is not. The clever architects at ITN Architects have created the ultimate apartment building in Melbourne, Australia, that features graffiti beautiful designed in its walls. One outer wall of the apartment building features giant graffiti lettering that are magically lit […]