Incredible Twisted, Hourglass-Like Skyscraper Design Proposal in Vienna


In Vienna, architects are looking to do something completely mind-bending or should we say tower-twisting. Rotterdam architecture firm MVRDV recently won a winning bid in a modern design competition, for a skyscraper construction in Vienna. Their proposed 361 foot tall tower is covered in glass that provides an almost endless view of Vienna’s cityscape. The […]

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This Building Is Designed With Graffiti Built Into Its Walls


Sometimes street art is appreciated but most of the time vandalism in the form of graffiti on buildings is not. The clever architects at ITN Architects have created the ultimate apartment building in Melbourne, Australia, that features graffiti beautiful designed in its walls. One outer wall of the apartment building features giant graffiti lettering that are magically lit […]

Ocean Spiral Is The Underwater City of Future

underwater metropolis

Stories of Atlantis fill books of mythology, but now the dream of a true underwater city could become reality. Shimizu Corporation is designing an underwater city in the form of a submerged floating dome. The dome would have all of the amenities of life on land, and a lot of features we can only dream […]

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Modern Masonry – Concrete Blends With Wood Creating Comfortable Living


If your architect suggested building your home with concrete walls, floors, and stairs, you would probably start looking for a new architect. Concrete is perceived as cold, dull, and uninviting. Luciano Kruk has proven all of those theories are wrong, very wrong. Luciano used board formed concrete to create this home, giving it the appearance […]

22 Amazing Spaces Created From Shipping Containers


We see shipping containers arrive aboard overloaded freighters in harbors, rolling down the railways across the country, and zipping down the highway pulled by trucks. Those industrial strength shipping containers are now being reused to create emergency homes or even incredible living spaces you would love to call home. Following are 22 of our favorite […]

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15,000 Square Foot Ultra-Lush Underground Private Spa

underground private spa

What would you do if you had more money than you could spend in a lifetime and 15,000 feet of unused underground space. After looking at these pictures, you may have a completely new plan. Designer Lawson Robb was commissioned by a private investor to create an incredible underground private spa. Lawson worked with architects […]