20 Of The Greatest Advertisements Of All Time


-+*In Latin, advertising means to turn toward and that is exactly what many of the world’s leading brands like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Disney, Marlboro and many others have done so successfully. Advertising dates back to the time of the Egyptians who use to inscribe papyrus and hang them on walls for people to see. We can […]

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11 Of The Most Terrifying Commercials of All Time


-+*Commercials can captivate, inform, educate and bore television viewers. Companies that have grabbed our attention in the past with their commercials did so by scaring the daylights out of us in their commercials. With our attention spans being so limited, companies are forced to come up with brilliant ways to keep our eyes glued to […]

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12 Greatest Infomercial Products Of All Time


-+*Insomniacs around the globe are going to recognize all 12 of our greatest infomercials of all time. These products glued us to their chairs with their wild claims, capturing our attention, and often making us reach for our wallets.It is interesting the products run through our biggest desires, whether it is weight loss, looking better, […]

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These 3 Evocative Facebook Ads Made the Truest Revelations About Friendship


-+*Facebook has just revealed three thought-evoking and powerfully creative ads about the relatable truths about friendship. These three 60-second ads from the talented in-house agency The Factory convey just what friendship means to people. Simply put, the ads are relatable, direct, honest and humble. With a pleasant done leading us through the 60-sec campaign we […]

Audi’s Take on Fifty Shades of Grey

audi fifty shades of grey

-+*Audi is taking advantage of the Fifty Shades of Grey popularity and creates a comical online spot. In an attempt to seduce her own Christian Grey, Vanessa Bayer recreates the infamous elevator scene from Fifty Shades of Grey and we are loving every second of it!

Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time


-+*The Super Bowl is not just a big day for the teams lucky enough to make it, but also a great day for high-priced commercial spots. Unlike commercials that you are exposed to on a daily basis, brands go out of their way on Super Bowl Sunday, spend the big bucks and want to make […]

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Here is How Volkswagen Used Negative Spaces To Showcase Their Car’s Features


-+*Volkswagen commissioned India-based ad agency DDB Mudra to illustrate the car company’s latest features. Using the VW logo coupled with negative space, the agency has came up with incredible clever ways to promote the car’s features. Using a tiny VW car within the company’s logo the agency was able to illustrate Volkswagen’s features such as: […]