Ceramic Sculptures by Brett Kern Amazingly Look Like Inflatable Toys


Inflatable toys are the bane of parents. They look cool. They are inexpensive. They require so many huffs and puffs of air we end up blue in the face. Brett Kern’s amazing creations may have you imagining your lungs on fire until you realize they are made from ceramic. The sculptures are perfect recreations of those evil blow-up dinosaurs, astronauts, balloons, and other toys that leave us panting for air, but this time all of that glistening beauty is Brett’s hard work with clay, glazes, and firing. Brett even adds in air valves to make the creations look 100% realistic and will leave your friends scratching their heads in confusion when they reach out to touch  your inflatable treasures and find heavy ceramic instead.

Brett’s creations even include all of those little wrinkles at the joints and the plastic seams you would expect on real blow-up toys. Save your breath and enjoy the same magical look without all the air. Of course, you probably do not want your kids playing with these toys.










Via This is Colossal and Brett Kern Art