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Chinese Doctor Builds Mountain Villa on Beijing Apartment Building


mountain villa on apartment building

Professor Zhang Biqing, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and entrepreneur owning a chain of drug stores, did something nearly unbelievable. On top of the apartment building where he lives he created a mountain villa using fake stones and a wide assortment of building materials. The materials were brought to the rooftop via the elevators, with construction workers and heavy equipment used to create a rocky mountain top and home on the roof of the apartment building. The construction was never sanctioned or planned. It was just a desire put in motion by Zhang. The incredible structure finally caught the wrath of fellow apartment dwellers as they noticed cracks in walls and water leaks leading to fears the building was becoming unsound. Finally due to complaints, local officials condemned the mountain villa and gave the Professor 15 days to have it demolished.

The amazing structure took over 5 years to build, but must disappear in just days. Makes you wonder why the officials eyes only saw this massive structure after complaints started flowing in.