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Collapsible Scooter Doubles As A Belt And It’s Incredible



Do you feel like you need to pick up the pace? Just whip off your belt, step on, and take off ripping down the street. If you are designer Adam Torok, that is exactly what you can do. Adam has created an wearable scooter you can wrap around your waist and have ready to ride in moments. The scooter quickly extends to full size, locks in place, and lets you step on to start rolling down the street. This is not a belt you would want to wear into the office, but it would be a cool belt to wear to the mall or out to a festival. The scooter belt combines small flat plates, canvas belts, and wood inserts to create an easy to ride scooter.

The belt may not be very effective at keeping your pants up, but is will let you get around town a lot faster.






Via Design Boom and Adam Torok on Behance