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World’s First Zombie Proof Concrete Cabin



The Concrete Cabin Refugi Lieptgas started from very unlikely roots. A dilapidated log barn stood at the building site and was about to become the basis for the entire building. The designers and builders used the old log barn as the framework for the new concrete structure. The logs were used to build the forms for the exterior walls, then once the concrete set, the logs were pulled away to reveal walls that reflected the old bar. You may believe you are looking at a log cabin from a distance, but reality appears as your move closer. The entire cabin is made of durable concrete that takes on a completely different feel due to its organic beginning.

The interior showcases a clean industrial appearance which is augmented by a beautiful concrete tub and fireplace. The gray concrete meshes beautifully with the rock outcroppings surrounding the cabin. A clever design melding the past, the future, nature, and industry from Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten.


concrete cabin




Via Ignant and Urlaub Architektur / Image credit: Ralf Feiner