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Cost-Efficient 3D Printed Prosthetics That Will Change The World


The tragedy that comes with losing a limb is traumatic and life altering. Modern medicine and innovative technology have come up with incredible solutions to help those who are looking to gain mobility again. Now, with the advancement of 3D printing, super-lightweight prosthetic legs can be eventually made durable, efficiently, and affordably.

Coined Exo, William Root’s prosthetic concept is a perfect combination of his love for aesthetics and biomechatronics. Along with the help of amputees, William was able to come up with the perfect design concept that goes against a lot how designers typically try to approach a prosthetic limb.



The process used by Root’s concept starts off by taking a scan of a patient’s anatomy, using MIT’s FitSocket lab, he would be able to use pressure sensors to make the perfect socket, that would merge a patients prosthetic to their body.


After gathering this data, William is able to extrapolate a 3D model of a patients full body part and turn it into a triangle-like mesh. This design proves to have maximum strength while using the least amount of materials and be aesthetically pleasing. A stress analysis tool also helps determine weak points in the construction and reinforces the density in certain areas to ensure a solid build.


The Exo is jet black and made from a sintered titanium powder or even a high-strength plastic.
Though this Exo limb is just a concept, roadblocks such as funding and FDA approval still stand in the way. We are in true admiration of what William Root has developed and do see this being the future. Prosthetic limbs should be affordable and accessible to everyone in need.

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