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Colorful Dazzle 3D Printed Lamps



3D printing is sifting down into mainstream life at a rapid pace thanks to innovative designers, programmers, and artists. Corneel Cannaerts, the innovator behind Dazzle Lamps, is all three. Corneel created all of these amazing lamps using a Z Corp Color 3D Printer and software he designed himself. The software allows him to import image palettes from photographs and apply them to the lamps. The lamps are created using a gray resin with colors applied on the interior of the lamp. The colors seep through the resin creating the colorful creations we see pictured here.

Cannaerts software even allows for a proper mounting opening for adding lights to the lamp cover. Currently the software is only available for desktop computers, but Cannaerts hopes to release a web-based version in the future to open the possibilities to a wider audience. Innovation in programming, design, and artistry all from one man.


Via Dezeen and Introspector