Destroyed Apple Products Become Photographic Works of Art


destroyed apple products

People line up, pre-order and sleep outside for Apple products and as extremely happy Apple product users ourselves, it pains us to see their destruction. For this particular project, Paul Fairchild and Michael Tompert have taken the time to gather various new Apple products such as iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, iPod Nanos among others and smashed them to bits and pieces. Michael, the San Francisco based graphic designer was trying to make people rethink their relationship with their beloved gadgets. On that note, the two set off to creatively destroy, smash, melt, shoot and set on fire and obliterate some of our most favorite gadgets. Michael mentions that the idea came to him as his two sons were fighting over an iPod touch that he then smashed to the ground to resolve their dispute.

“they were kind of stunned – the screen was broken and this liquid poured out of it.
I got my camera to shoot it,’
 tompert said. ‘my wife told me that i should do something with it.”

You may be doubting Michael on if they were actually working products, but here is what he had to say:

“they had to be a brand-new product,” tompert said.
“it’s not about destroying old products. it’s about our relationship with the new.”










Via LAtimesPaul Fairchild and Michael Tompert