Drops of Cream Landing in Coffee Captured With Photography Will Enhance Your Morning Coffee Experience


drops coffee landing

Corrie White is the queen of Liquid Drop Art and Photography. Corrie captures those split second moments when drops deform, explode into other liquids, or bounce. In Drops of Cream Landing in Coffee, Corrie highlights the moment your cream falls from the pitcher and blasts its way into the cup. Does blast sound over dramatic? As you look through Corrie’s pictures, you may change your mind. The creamer deforms into a disc looking as if it is ready to launch into space. It meets the coffee’s surface and forces a tower of coffee to leap. Corrie’s magical touch as catching those precise moments of impact creates images that are magical.

Take some time to explore more of Corrie’s work, too. Her Liquid Drop Art takes many forms, but always with an emphasis on capturing that split second moment of magic.






Via Liquid Drop Art