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Embracing Potholes by Turning Them Into Hilarious Imaginative Scenes



Potholes in the streets of your city may drive you crazy, especially if you live in Montreal, Canada. You are tired of hitting those nasty potholes and feeling the crushing jar as your wheels take a beating, but you could see them completely differently. Photographers Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca took to the streets and to the edge of insanity to find new uses for those annoying potholes. The potholes of Los Angeles, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto turned into donut fryers, spaghetti bowls, dog washing business, and even a grape stomping vat for wine.

Their creative revamping of potholes gives us a touch of humor for the next time we hit one of those nasty holes, and pokes a little fun at the government agencies that need to get busy and fill the holes.




In a recent interview with Indulgd.com we asked…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Davide Luciano is a fine-art photographer and filmmaker based in NYC. He creates large-scale photographic prints that are cinematic in scope and compelling in content. The photography is detailed and vibrant with amazing surrealist qualities, which are elaborately staged. Luciano’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada and the United States. He has won numerous awards, including an award of excellence from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. His work has  been seen in countless international publications such as Vanity Fair Italia, The Independant, Le Monde and Kurv Australia.

Claudia Ficca’s journey into professional food styling and photography started in her native Montréal. After getting her BA at Concordia University and taking intensive photography classes, she knew her focus would be food photography. She decided to move to NYC where she received her food styling education by apprenticing under some of the city’s best. Claudia has since photographed and styled everything from advertising to editorial pieces for clients such as Cherry Bombe, VOGUE and Food & Wine Magazine.

What first inspired you to take these shots?
This project started as a humorous way to expose the ridiculous pothole problem in our hometown.  Along the way we realized that sometimes we can’t change things that frustrate us (like potholes), but we have the power to change our perspective toward those things.  This is what this project is really about.

The project is a collaboration with my wife Claudia Ficca. The photos were shot in the streets of New York, LA, Montreal, and Toronto during uninterrupted traffic.







See the entire series on mypotholes.com

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