Fake Durex Ads Featuring Popular Game Characters Trying To Break-Through the Protection


Durex brags about the safety, durability, and the protection provided by their condoms, but artist Polina Bogdanova thought it was time we saw the other side of the story, the battle of the spermatozoa. In her series of clever fake Durex Condom ads, Polina showcases the sperm as likenesses of Angry Birds and other game icons attempting to battle their way out of the condom to complete their mission. Using slingshots, arrows, and rainbow powered propulsion, the sperm attempt to penetrate the amazingly tough Durex surface, only to be thwarted time after time.

This funtastic look at Durex Condoms may not have been sanctioned by the company, but maybe they should take a look at Polina’s creative idea. She takes a subject we all try to ignore and gives it a humorous appeal reminding us of the importance of protection.



Via Polina Bogdanova on Behance