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Famous Movie Posters from Behind


movie posters from behind

Brazilian advertising firm Y&R Sau Paulo had a clever idea to capture attention. Turn around some of the most popular movie posters and show the world what they look like from behind. They turned to photographer Lucio Cunha to craft the magical shots and the results are stunning. Lucio flipped around the iconic movie poster from Pretty Woman showing us the unlikely couple peering away from us instead of towards us. Lucio then flipped the famous Kill Bill poster showcasing our favorite female killing machine in bright yellow. We are not sure if she looks more deadly from the front or the rear. The last poster Lucio flipped for Y&R Sau Paulo was Forrest Gump. We see Forrest looking quietly down the bench away from us, lost in his latest brilliant thought from his simple mind.

Lucio Cunha’s work is amazing in its ability to completely capture the feel and even the aura from each movie, but in a 180 degree flip.



Via Ads of the World and Lucio Cunha