Fantastic World of Warcraft Cosplay Wedding in Taiwan

wow wedding sosi studios

World of Warcraft continues fill lives with fantasy, mystery, and joy, but sometimes this online game bleeds out into real life. A pair of WoW lovers decided it was time to get married in the most fantasy filled way possible, as King Varien Wrynn and Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft. The two lovers from Taiwan, Craig and Zoe, had elaborate costumes created to bring their WoW fantasy lives into reality. They shared an inspiring first wedding day, the engagement day, together in exotic locations documenting their real love and their WoW passion. The wedding will continue in January with the second wedding day, when the couple comes together in full WoW outfits to stand before their families, friends, and the world to state their vows.

A love story that blossomed in WoW, but broke free into the world of Now.






Via KotakuEMI CosplayCSP Milton and Sosi Studios.