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Are you planning your winter escape? We will bet your eyes are looking towards Mexico, the Caribbean, a flight down under to Australia or New Zealand, but have you thought about sticking a little closer to home? We have 11 super hot reasons you may want to consider Miami as your winter escape this year.

1. Shorter Flights

As you already know, shorter flights equals lower costs and less jet lag. How do you beat having more money and energy for your winter adventure?

2. Killer New Year’s Eve Parties

Miami is home to some of the best New Year’s Eve blowouts on the planet including the parties at The Dalano and The Shore Club. Would you prefer freezing off your tail in New York City or dancing in a short sleeved shirt?

3. Home to Incredible Art

Miami may not be the first city to pop into your mind as an art addicts getaway, but when the city boasts both the Perez Art Museum of Miami and Art Basel, along with some of the most incredible street art anywhere, it should be on your short list. Besides, do you want to be warm or freezing between galleries?

4. The Soho Beach House

Are you a member of SOHO International? Then get on down to Miami and hobnob with celebrities who flock to The Soho Beach House to escape the cold.

5. People Watching

Beaches, night clubs, art galleries, incredible shopping, and did we mention beaches? People watching may become your favorite Miami sport.

6. Art Deco Architecture

Did you know that Miami has the largest collection of Art Deco architecture on the planet? If you love to shoot Instragram shots featuring incredible architecture, this is your city.

7. Sports, Sports, Sports

Miami is a sports mecca. The state has professional teams, highly ranked college teams, baseball training camps, golf courses, swimming, biking, hiking, and sports adventures.

8. Diet Motivation

Ok, maybe you were not going on vacation to think about shedding a few pounds, but once you hit Miami and see all the hard bodies at the clubs, on the beach and strolling the streets, you are sure to get motivated to get in shape.

9. Insane Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Hotspot

No matter what itch you need to scratch before the big event, Miami can help you do it. The clubs, beaches, and sensual atmosphere will finish draining off all of your wildness and prepare you to settle down. (Or not.)

10. Cultural Diversity

There are over 100 different languages spoken in Miami, a city where almost half of the residents are foreign born. This cultural diversity leads to incredible opportunities to sample food and culture from around the globe in one city.

11. The Beach

Yes, Hawaii has beaches. Mexico has beaches, but where else can you find incredible beaches stretching for miles, with warm temperatures, with only a short flight, and no passport required for American citizens?

Are you ready to hit the beach?

Image via gabrielayareliz


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This Apple Store in London Looks Just Like a Regular Apple Store, Except It Sells Real Apples Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:04:43 +0000 real-apple-store

London’s Borough Market has become home to one of the most surprising Apple stores to open in 2014. The big Apple logo is seen boldly displayed in the window, but if you pay close attention you will notice something is not missing. The Apple is not missing the trademark bite out of the logo. The store appears like a Apple Computer store by its color choices and decor, but you instantly notice there is not technology on display, there are real apples. Apples you can sink you teeth into, not Apples requiring an operating system.

This clever marketing gimmick has captured the imagination of London, but leaves us with one agonizing question. We all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but will it keep the technician away, too?





Via Adweek and Huffington Post


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8 Qualities That Make Her More Gorgeous Than Looks Ever Could Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19:33:35 +0000 beautiful-woman-qualities

Men are always tagged as being shallow. The stereotype includes men being more impressed with looks than personality. It is time to put turn that theory upside down. These 8 qualities make an ordinary woman more gorgeous in most men’s eyes replacing the chase for looks. With these 8 qualities a woman goes from average to scintillating.

1. She has goals.

A woman with goals, clear concise goals, adds a dimension of intrigue and excitement to the relationship. It turns the relationship into a real partnership heading for a common destination, personal growth.

2. She is curious about culture, including wildly different cultures.

Let’s face it. Most men love adventure, even if it is just on a small scale. Exploring different cultures within your own country, or around the world, adds interest and intrigue. A woman of adventure lights a fire in a man’s heart.

3. She likes music.

Not only does she like music, she brings it alive. A woman who sings and dances to her own tunes keeps her man on his toes. Seeing her alive with the music is a turn on that blows away the need for eye shadow, lipstick, and blush.

4. She has standards, and expects others to have standards, too.

You might have thought men wanted a woman who was wild beyond belief, but that is just for those few wild years. What heats a man up for the long-run is a woman who holds herself, him, her friends, and their children to a higher standard. He knows this is a woman who is there for the long haul and who will help them rise to the top.

5. She is close with her family, and wants to be close to yours, too.

It only takes a couple visits to her parents home to realize how special she really is. You see the way she treats her parents, her siblings, her grandparents, and you know this is a woman you could hang out with for decades. Then when she treats your family with the same class, respect and love, her attractiveness blasts into space.

6. She knows exactly when to say “Screw it”.

When the stress level is about to boil over, she calls into work and hangs out with you for the day. Those “we gotta do it” plans get tossed aside to go out and have a beer with you. You never know when to expect her to “screw it” and that spontaneity makes you love her even more.

7. She has hobbies of her own.

She does not want to start playing your games. She has no desire to jump into the middle of your projects. She has her own interests, hobbies, and entertainment. She loves to do things with you, but knows it is just as important to have time to work on your own hobbies.

8. She keeps the conversation going.

She grabs your attention with her ability to discuss the world, even the oddest topics. She never leaves it all up to you to have the conversation starters. She does not cave-in to your opinions, either. She loves a rousing discussion. You are never bored when she is around to talk  to.

That other woman may look better in a photograph, but there is no way she can compete with the attractiveness of a woman with these 8 qualities. Guys might like eye candy, but they love what’s under the hood even more.

Image via WeHeartIt


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Super Flemish: Your Favourite Superheroes In 17th Century Garb Thu, 20 Nov 2014 17:05:25 +0000 Super-Flemish-Superheroes-In-17th-Century-Garb-1

Retro looks for professional sports teams and superheroes abound this year, but photographer Sacha Goldberger has taken the idea to an extreme. Sacha took our favorite superheroes back in time to the 17th century and outfitted them in classic Flemish garb. Who could have imagined the Hulk in a frilly neck piece and knickers? Could you have every pictured Batman dressed if a fluffy caped outfit? Would you dream of Iron Man dressed in golden knicker that look more like a golden skirt? Even Spiderman has succumbed to the style.

The pictures make us ponder what superheroes would have done in an era of horse and buggies. It also makes us ponder a simpler question. Did Sacha Goldberger really intend to make the superheroes look like dogs with a protective cone from the vet?




















Visit Sacha Goldberger‘s website today to see all this incredible work!


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This Is How Kim Kardashian Broke The Internet… No More Faith In Humanity Thu, 20 Nov 2014 16:58:29 +0000 kim break the internet

It does not matter which side of the Kim Kardashian debate you fall on. No matter if you think she is the biggest train wreck in history, or the most intriguing celebrity of our time, you have to admit the woman has guts. Kim Kardashian tossed her clothes in the corner at the request of Paper Mag for their upcoming winter edition. Paper Mag declared they wanted to bring the internet to a halt with the drama surrounding their winter edition, and who better to call on than Kim Kardashian. The leaked images exploded through social media circles in seconds with fans and haters all clamoring for a look at her bounteous booty.

Did the cover, and accompanying series of Kardashian photos, bring the internet to a stop? We are curious if it caused just as many people to rush to the eye doctor with sudden stabbing eye pain.




Has this gone too far?

Via Paper Mag


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2014 World Beard & Moustache Championships in Oregon Wed, 19 Nov 2014 17:09:06 +0000 2014-World-Beard-and-Moustache-Championships-1

Just For Men once again brought together the world’s most dramatic beard and moustache growers for the 2014 World Beard & Moustache Championships in Portland, Oregon. This is not a contest of who has the sexiest beard. It is not a statement of how handsome a man with a moustache is. This is a proclamation of beard and moustache extremes. Photographer Craig Mitchelldyer takes you on a stroll through the auditorium giving you a glimpse at some of the most amazing hair sculptures to ever adorn a man’s face. High style and absolute weirdness ruled the show with extremely large beards and moustaches, wild braided beards, twisted masterpieces, and other styles brought back from history.

Would you dare to stroll into the office looking like this? Would you post your picture on a single’s site if you had an impressive face of hair like these? It does make us wonder though, how many of those beards were treated with Just For Men to eliminate the gray?








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Giant Explodes To The Surface In Széchenyi Square in Budapest Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:36:05 +0000 Massive-Outdoor-Sculpture-of-a-giant-Man-1

Myths, folklore, and stories are full of images of giants climbing down bean stocks and strolling out of the mountains. A real giant has taken over Széchenyi Square in Budapest, ripping up the grass and crawling to the surface. The giant is a massive sculpture created out of polystyrene by Ervin Loránth Hervé. It was created to celebrate Art Market Budapest celebration. The giant face is an image of effort as he tries to break free from his underground abode and climb out to the surface to terrorize the world. Passerby’s are dwarfed by his massive hands, barely equaling the size of one if his gigantic fingers.

The open mouth of Feltépve, the giant’s name, is large enough to swallow an entire man. Ervin Loránth Hervé managed to bring to life our worst nightmares of giants walking the earth with amazing detail and emotion.




Photos by László Balkányi  and Ervin Loránth Hervé


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After Seeing These Amazing Illustrations We Love Starbucks So Much More Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:08:08 +0000 soo-min-kim07

Your prized up of Starbucks Coffee is about to seem very bland. The classic styled cup has become a trademark of the company, one you love to carry into the office every morning. Soo Min Kim looked at the classic design and decided it was time for a change. Soo Min Kim took blank Starbucks style cups, their iconic lady, and started creating. Kim takes the Starbucks mermaid and breathes life into her through a series of painted coffee cups. Each cup places the mermaid in a new situation, but leaves her in classic Starbucks’ green.

Superheroes, villains, and common place visitors join the Starbucks mermaid to add a little fun and drama to your favorite cup of coffee.







Via Soo Min Kim on Facebook


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Collapsible Scooter Doubles As A Belt And It’s Incredible Wed, 19 Nov 2014 15:56:16 +0000 collapsible-belt-scooter

Do you feel like you need to pick up the pace? Just whip off your belt, step on, and take off ripping down the street. If you are designer Adam Torok, that is exactly what you can do. Adam has created an wearable scooter you can wrap around your waist and have ready to ride in moments. The scooter quickly extends to full size, locks in place, and lets you step on to start rolling down the street. This is not a belt you would want to wear into the office, but it would be a cool belt to wear to the mall or out to a festival. The scooter belt combines small flat plates, canvas belts, and wood inserts to create an easy to ride scooter.

The belt may not be very effective at keeping your pants up, but is will let you get around town a lot faster.






Via Design Boom and Adam Torok on Behance


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26 Of The World’s Most Bizarre And Unusual Beds Tue, 18 Nov 2014 21:11:11 +0000 bed-design

We sneak away to our beds at night looking forward to our dreams. The 26 beds not only help you drift off to sleep, they are sure to inspire many dreams on their own. What kinds of dreams would you have if you tucked yourself into a giant hamburger bed, a pile of giant cherries or blueberries? Would you sleep serenely on a bed that appears to hover in the air? Would you unwind from a rigorous day on a bed appearing like a pile of twisting cords? Are you more inspired by a bed that is cleverly useful, perhaps saving space hanging in your living room, or supplying dozens of cubbyholes for storing all your reading material.

All 26 of these beds transform the sleeping experience into something creative and sometimes a bit confusing. Your dreams will never be the same if you add one of these creative pieces to your home.

Bed above designed by Mimondo

Designer: Yusuke Suzuki


Designer: Manuel Kloker


Designer: Ernesto Neto


Designer: Kayla Kromer


Designers: Merav Eitan & Gaston Zahr


Designer: Jacob+MacFarlane


Designer: Piero Lissoni


Designer: Le Beanock


Designer: Florida


Designer: Alessio Pappa


Designer: Joseph Walch


Designer: animicausa


Designer: Janjaap Ruijssenaars


Designer: bedgunsafe


Designer: Daniele Lago



Designer: bonbon


Designer: Kaffe Matthews


Designer: Bauke Knottnerus


Designer: IT Design


Designer: Emanuele Magini




Designer: Mathieu Lehanneur)


Designer: Ron Arad, student of BCUC


Designer: Akemi Tanaka


Via Where Cool Things Happen


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