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Music Festivals and other outdoor venues are about to have some very cool sleeping quarters added to their grounds thanks to B-And-Bee. The system uses stackable hexagon tubes to create small sleeping areas for attendees of outdoor venues. Each section is large enough to hold a twin bed and provides a convenient sleeping area or an area for friends to relax away from the craziness of the event. The walls are built using wood slats to provide a barrier from the rain and sun. The ends are sealed with easy to roll open tarps that allow you to have a nice open feel, or to shutout the world for a few moments of snoozing.

Metal stair cases are included that following the joints of the stacked hexagons, making it easy for sleepers to gain entry to their B-And-Bee, even if the are stacked several layers high. This clever design may help eliminate the lack of sleeping areas for event attendees.









Via B-And-Bee


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Hold Your Breath And Peek Into The World Of A Compulsive Hoarder Mon, 01 Sep 2014 19:07:56 +0000 hoarding1

Photographer Corinna Kern met George Fowler and realized she had discovered a story that needed to be told. George is an elderly gentleman who is extremely well-groomed, stylish, and a pleasure to be around. Behind that front lies another big story. George is a compulsive hoarder. When you step into his large 4-bedroom home you are immediately confronted with clutter, junk, garbage, and possessions to numerous to number. George’s home is so packed with things that is nearly impossible to find a place to walk, sit, or lie down.

George sleeps on a couch that has barely remained exposed, which is jammed into a doorway between rooms in his home. Nothing in George’s personality or outward appearance would ever let you know about the secret in his home. Corinna has managed to capture the disconnect between the outward lives of many hoarders and their in home lives.







Via Design Taxi and Corinna Kern


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Europe’s First Floating Hotel To Offer Incredible Views of Aurora Borealis Sun, 31 Aug 2014 21:24:41 +0000 krystall hotel

Dutch Docklands of the Netherlands has announced plans for a new hotel that is going to change viewing the Aurora Borealis into one of the best luxury vacations in the world. The Krystall Hotel will be a 5-star hotel shaped like a snowflake that will float in the fjords near Tromso in Norway. The hotel will offer 86 luxury rooms for guests. One of the most fascinating features of the hotel is the glass roofs in every hotel room. Since the hotel is located far from city lights, visitors can view the Aurora Borealis clearly from their rooms by just turning off their lights.

Dutch Docklands reports the hotel will be equipped with conference rooms, a spa and fitness area, plus it is completely self-supporting and sustainable. The hotel is scheduled to open sometime in 2017.



Via Design Taxi and Dutch Docklands


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Artist Creates Beautiful Handmade Scarves With Bird Wing Motifs And They Are Breathtaking Sun, 31 Aug 2014 21:00:21 +0000 Scarves-Wings-Bird-1

Designer Roza Kamitova is going to put your fashion into flight. Roza has created a series of hand made scarves decorated with bird wing motifs that make you look like bird royalty when you spread your arms, or is that wings? The designs look just as stunning from the front and the back. Roza’s creations include owls, peacocks, and a variety of other birds. Many of her creations have the appearance of magnificent American Indian styles.

Roza offers her creations via her Etsy store for a very affordable price, with most pieces at just $68. The scarves are available in cotton, a cotton-silk blend, and in cashmere. The base fabric is beautifully printed, with the artwork then being hand-painted.









Via 123 Inspiration and Shovava


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Noise Cancelling Technology Brings Peace and Quiet to Your Home and It’s Unbelievable Sun, 31 Aug 2014 20:30:43 +0000 sound-control-window-knob

Living in the city is filled with noise. It is hard to escape. It comes from everywhere. Most of the time you just trying ignore it. What can you do when it becomes too annoying? You turn to SONO. The SONO is a simple looking device you adhere to your window that uses hi-tech that uses advanced software and your window to create a sound cancelling system that dials down the volume in your home. SONO even includes a volume control to allow you to adjust how much noise you want to cancel from your home.



Is SONO as flawless as a sound proofed home? Of course not. But it does provide a way to reduce noise without damaging your walls, large expense, and can be taken with you when you move to a new apartment or home. The concept comes from Rudolf Stefanich and has shown remarkable ability with the first prototype. This is project that is bound to get major backing if Rudolf chooses to crowdfund is project.

Via Web Urbanist and ID2 Studio


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Vending Machine Eats Plastic Bottles and Dispenses Food for Stray Dogs Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:18:05 +0000 stray-dog-food-vending-machine-recycling-pugedon-4

Istanbul Turkey has an unbelievable amount of stray dogs, with some estimates putting the number over 150,000 strays in the city. A clever company, Pudgeon has created an amazing way to reduce litter on the streets and at the same time feed the dogs. Their innovation is a vending machine that accepts plastic drink bottles and then dispenses food for the dogs. As you can see in these pictures, when a pedestrian drops in a bottle the machine dispenses a small amount of dog food the strays can enjoy. Beside the food bowl is a second bowl for water. Pedestrians can pour their leftover water from their bottle into the dogs water bowl before inserting it into the machine to “pay” for food.


This incredible idea is helping to feed dogs that otherwise might starve on the streets. The debate still rages among citizens whether the community should continue to embrace stray dogs, but for now, the ideas by Pudgeon are a fascinating way to solve a problem with bottle litter and feeding the dogs at the same time. Pudgeon raises enough money through the sales of the plastic bottles to keep the machines filled with food.

Via Bored Panda


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Weapon Inspired Advertising From Canadian Journalists For Free Expression Fri, 29 Aug 2014 14:54:54 +0000 weapon-inspired-ads1

The Canadian Journalists for Free Expression are constantly on the outlook for ways to tell the public and the press about the atrocities journalists in many countries face. They cover stories about reporters being abducted, killed, and intimidated globally. In a recent advertising blitz, the CJFE illustrated the conflict between guns and journalism by creating a series of announcement posters using journalism tools to make images of guns. As you look closer at the images, you will notice the weapons are built from microphones, hand-held recorders, notepads, pens, cameras, and other tools journalists use everyday.

For many of us, we never consider a job in journalism as dangerous, but once you read a few of the stories from the CJFE, you will discover how frequently journalists in many parts of the world risk their lives on a daily basis just to bring us the news.



Via Ads of the World and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression


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So…This Just Happened. Miley Cyrus Inspired Wrecking Ball Necklace Fri, 29 Aug 2014 14:29:36 +0000 wrecking-ball-necklace2

Miley Cyrus both shocked and delighted the world with her racy Wrecking Ball video, which has become the inspiration for this fun necklace from TO+WN Design. The necklace features an acrylic pearl bead as the wrecking ball and a voluptuous solid brass pendant to take the place of Miley. The pendant swings seductively from your neck on its 32 inch long chain.

TO+WN Design is even trying to reach out to Miley Cyrus to send one of their fun creations to her as a gift. The necklace sells for $64 through their Etsy page, with 5% of all proceeds going UNICEF. The necklace may not be as sexy as Miley riding nude on a wrecking ball, but it does has a wild appeal all its own.



Via Etsy


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Beautifully Abandoned New York City Hall Subway Station Fri, 29 Aug 2014 13:32:16 +0000

Hidden beneath the ground lies an abandoned jewel that has been out of the public eye for almost 60 years. New York’s City Hall Subway station was built to be the highlight of the New York subway system. The beautiful architecture, tiling, and lighting made it a pleasure to see. But beauty was not enough to keep in alive. The station dwindled in passengers until only 600 per day were going through the station. Changes in subway trains finally brought the death knoll to the station in 1945 when major renovations would have been required to accommodate the trains. For a few years people still rode through the station as the trains looped back, but even that was shortly brought to a close.










Now, the New York Transit Authority is allowing passengers to ride the loop through the station once again. You cannot get out and explore the station, but at least it has re-emerged into the minds of the world, a hidden beauty reborn.

Via Web Urbanist and Huffington Post


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Epic Burning Man Time Lapse Video Reveals The Magic in Nevada Desert Fri, 29 Aug 2014 13:22:48 +0000 burning man time lapse

Every year something unexplained, magical, and fascinating occurs in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The Burning Man Festival is an annual event that turns the blowing sands and empty lands transform into a community that lives for just over a week. In this cool time lapse video from musician and photographer Roy Two Thousand, we watch as the desert transforms from empty into a thriving artistic and relaxing community of exploration. Then just as amazingly, we watch as the event ends everything disappears. The crowd leaves behind no trash, no buildings, no exhibits, no cars, and no people. The desert becomes the same empty blowing scene as before.

The event occurs every year starting on the last Monday of August and runs through the first Monday in September (Labor Day). On the Burning Man website they make a bold statement, “You must experience the event to understand it”, and after watching this video we can believe it is true.

Via High Snobiety and Burning Man


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