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The Taipei based duo, Tika Lin and Chay Su have created a line of handbags that will make everyone on the street do a double take. These real life handbags are made to resemble cartoons and do just that. The line called JumpFromPaper, are designed to look like bold and colorful 2D drawings that are actually usable. The idea is innovative and looks absolutely amazing!





‘JumpFromPaper’ items can be purchased from their website.


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Powerful Photo Series Showcases Convicts Sharing Words of Wisdom with their Younger Selves Wed, 23 Apr 2014 16:27:26 +0000 Reflect

Architectural photographer Trent Bell was shocked by the news from friend that he had been convicted of a crime and would be spending the next 36 years in prison. The news haunted Trent as he watched his son, wondering how men survive missing the joys of freedom, watching their children grow, and leaving prison as an old man.

The haunting thoughts prompted Trent to take action. He met with inmates in prison and asked them to write a letter to their younger selves, telling them of what the future held if they did not change their ways. Trent had the letters written on a large backdrop which he then posed the convict in front of their picture to dramatize how small decisions can end a life of freedom and happiness.

If you find these few images compelling, take a moment and visit Trent’s website and view all the images, making sure to read the letters behind the prisoner. Powerful photography and story telling from Trent Bell.






See more of Trent Bell’s work on his website

Via PetaPixel


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10 of the Most Incredible Black Homes Wed, 23 Apr 2014 16:08:57 +0000 black-homes6

Mention painting your house black to your parents, siblings, and friends and they will think you lost your mind. Why would anyone paint their house black to stand out in the middle of the block like a sore thumb and to soak in the intense rays of the sun? When you show them our top 10 black houses, their attitudes will instantly change. These homes show why black is considered the color of formality and class.

One thing you will notice as you browse the ten houses, is that most of them are in colder climates, where absorbing the sun’s heat in the winter is highly desirable. The one major defector from that theory is the Black Desert House of Marc Atlan. In all cases, the houses are stunning examples of stepping outside the norm to create a living space that is extraordinary.










Via Ignant


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Mind-Bending Space Invaders 3D Street Art by Leon Kerr Tue, 22 Apr 2014 23:29:17 +0000 3d-space-invaders3

Leon Kerr teamed up with artist Remko Van Schaik on the campus of the EPLF Technical University in Lausanne Switzerland to leave students and visitors in shock. They created a massive 3D creation on the walkways of the campus, measuring 150 square meters. The images are 100% flat, but appear to leap above the campus floor and dive beneath the surface. The piece includes characters from the classic Space Invaders game, game machines, and a player trapped in the game.

The most impressive photographs of the creation are with students posing on the edge of the non-existent void or towering above the pit on the heads of the Space Invader characters. Sadly, the piece will only exist for a few weeks between March 17 and April 10, but it has been captured for posterity in photographs.








Via Street Painting 3D


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Aerial Photographs That Look More Like Visions from Heaven by Klaus Leidorf Tue, 22 Apr 2014 22:53:13 +0000 aerial photography

Photographer Klaus Leidorf lives with his head in the clouds, or at least his camera is in the clouds. The aerial photography of Klaus Leidorf uncovers the beauty of man and nature’s creativity from a vantage point we seldom see, from far above. A field of scrap tires which is appalling to see from ground level becomes a playful looking field of black toys from high above. Beaches become works of art, instead of the bustling play area of beach goers. Logging storage areas look like a child’s play area, ready for kids to create log cabins and buildings galore. Farmer’s fields become a magical tapestry of colors, shapes, and designs that are the equal to any beautiful patchwork quilt.

As Klaus Leidorf shows the world by floating his cameras high above the world, we miss the magic because our eyes are focused on the small picture in front of our eyes. To see the magic of the world we must launch our senses to the heavens and look down upon our planet.














Via This is Colossal and Klaus Leidorf on Flickr


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Mirrorcube TreeHotel in Scandinavia is Mind-Blowing Tue, 22 Apr 2014 22:34:10 +0000 Mirrorcube-2

There is nothing like the TreeHotel anywhere else in the world, which is ideally illustrated by their Mirrorcube Room. The Mirrorcube Room sits up in a tree, a perfect cube, 100% mirrored to the real world. The interior is a plush hotel room that is complete joy. Now, in this case, plush equals rough plywood, a tree growing through your room, no carpeting, and 100% fun.  The TreeHotel currently consists of 6 fantasy tree house rooms and an incredible sauna room in the trees. The Mirrorcube Room is a 4 meter cube that almost disappears into the trees as it reflects back nature all around.

Before booking this fascinating room, we highly suggest checking out the other tree house rooms so you can fulfill your own childhood fantasies.





Via TreeHotel


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Insane and Detailed Bic Pen Drawings by Helena Hauss Tue, 22 Apr 2014 22:16:18 +0000 helena-hauss-drawings1

You probably have a few lowly Bic pens in your home, in your desk at the office, or in your school bag. Did you ever stop to wonder what type of magic is hidden inside that simple writing tool? Helena Hauss takes simple Bic pens and uses them to create amazing illustrations with incredible detail. What is even more stunning is the size of many of Helena’s illustrations. Her illustrations are frequently larger than life. The mainstay of her creations is the standard blue ink pen, but uses a combination of other Bic colors to add color to her scenes. Her dramatic illustration showing women in bright red ski sweaters shows us how much color can be brought forth from this simple tool.

You can see more of the stunning Bic Pen creations of Helena Hauss on her website.






Via Helena Hauss


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Flying Flip Book Machines of Juan Fontanive is Magical Tue, 22 Apr 2014 22:06:20 +0000 flippy-2

Flip books provide a touch of magic. You flip through the pages and watch the still illustrations come alive page by page. Artist and builder Juan Fontanive combines both his passion for art and his desire to build to create flip book machines featuring flying butterflies and birds. Each machine is hand built, with a perpetual flipping system. The pages of artwork flip endlessly, showing you birds and butterflies in flight, created from illustrated pages. Butterflies fly around the interior of the box, drifting out of view just as another group flutters into sight, circling in formation. Each box features a unique vision of flying beauty that leaves us mesmerized as we watch.

It is difficult at first to believe the movies created by Juan Fontanive are just pages in a book and not a real movie at all.

Via This is Colossal and Juan Fontanive


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Awesome and Creative Doodles in the Skies Between Buildings Tue, 22 Apr 2014 21:59:05 +0000 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Illustrator Thomas Lamadieu walks through cities peering up at the sky and snapping photographs. There is a little difference between Thomas’s photographic desires and most others. He is looking for pictures that are begging to have life brought to them through his doodles. Thomas takes the pictures showcasing the buildings climbing away from him and the sky in between, and then fills the sky with faces, action, and complete new world’s looking down upon our reality. The images may induce feeling of claustrophobia or even induce motion sickness as you feel the two world reeling together.

Thomas Lamadieu does not only focus on the sky. In his series RootArt, he reverses the vantage point and doodles his magical images upon the ground. In both cases, the city scenes turn from mundane to mysterious and fun.








Via Thomas Lamadieu


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Sony Erupts Millions of Flower Petals On Costa Rica to Prove Point Mon, 21 Apr 2014 20:26:28 +0000 sony-flower-petals3

Imagine millions of colorful flower petals erupting into the sky, flowing down streams, falling to earth in the street, and floating in the wind. Sony blasted millions of flower petals into the air in Costa Rica to showcase the beauty of their new 4K lineup of televisions, the highest resolution TV’s on the market. You can see the beauty of their artistic eruptions in the video below. We highly recommend you watch it in 1080p to get the best effects, but that is just the start.

As Sony cleverly tells us, to see the real depth and detail of each petal gliding in the air, floating on the water, or blowing in the streets, you need to see it on one of their new 4K televisions in a showroom near you. As incredible as it looks in 1080p, we definitely are intrigued enough to drip into a showroom to compare the beauty soon.







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