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Scrumptious fried chicken. Luscious corn on the cob. Yummy pistachio ice cream. The food all sounds delicious and tempting, until Lawrie Brown gets her hands on it. Then the food turns into vividly colored foods that may inspire yuck more than yum. The chicken suddenly turns an intense blue daring you to sink your teeth into it. The corn is a vibrant green where the luscious yellow was before. The pistachio ice cream is drenched in purple goo. While the food may not look appetizing any longer, the vivid colors produce a fascinating image that propels our minds to new places with foods that our tongues desire not to follow.

Lawrie Brown’s photographic cooking may never win any culinary awards, but they deserve mention in any food photography contest as she pushes the boundaries of food and art.






Via Design Taxi and Lawrie Brown


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360° Panoramic Music Video for Booka Shade Shot with 8 GoPro Cams Fri, 18 Apr 2014 21:54:08 +0000 booka shade video

We keep seeing amazing imagery being shot from unusual places, but this one may have hit a new level of cool. Ryan Staake put 8 cameras on a remote controlled hexacopter to create these stunning 360° videos for the Booka Shade music video Crossing Borders. The effects of the combined vision of the eight camera sends you twisting into a surreal world that makes your mind spin and your senses reel out of control.

The shots go over a variety of land formations, water, a sailboat, and the duo of Booka Shade on a rocky outcropping. The combination of the great music and dizzying video make it a fascinating video clip stretching out imagination of what is possible on even a limited video budget.

Via This is Colossal and Ryan Staake


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Giant Globe Made Entirely From Matches is so Tempting to Light on Fire Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:53:03 +0000 world-globe-made-from-matches-by-andy-yoder-1

We wonder if the Winkleman Gallery has warning signs and fire extinguishers surrounding this amazing sculpture from Andy Yoder. The globe is highly realistic, but most incredibly, the landscape, water, and features are made from matches. Simple wooden matches are the primary media used in this amazing piece. The underlying framework is made of styrofoam, a metal frame, and paper, but the actual visual surface is made almost entirely of matches. The different colors come from Andy searching diligently to find matches of the right colors to use in his creation.

This amazing sculpture is currently on display at the Winkleman Gallery. Hopefully, this will be one time where a piece of art does not literally set a gallery on fire.









Via Where Cool Things Happen and Winkleman Gallery


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Using Plastic Bags This Artist Was Able to Recreate Dreamlike Landscapes Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:30:52 +0000 plastic-landscapes

We crumple them and toss them in a drawer. We shred them and toss them in the trash. We get rid of them since their usefulness is finished, unless we reuse them to carry our trash. Plastic bags abound in our homes and in our lives, but did  you ever stop to notice the magic hidden in them? All of the landscape scenes you see here from Vilde J. Rolfsen, are actually crumpled plastic bags in a variety of styles and colors. The wrinkles, bends, and folds create a landscape scene that would be hard to match even with the most sophisticated 3D terrain programs.

Grab your digital camera and a few of your crumpled old bags and see if you can make magic scenes just like Vilde J. Rolfsen.





Via Paranoias and Vilde J. Rolfsen


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Ancestors of Superheroes Uncovered in Antique Photos Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:54:52 +0000 ancient-superheroes2

We have seen the stories they tell us on the television and movie screens about the origins of superheroes, but is that real? The clever minds from Foto Marvellini have uncovered, or is that created, antique photos which show the ancestors of our favorite superheroes. From Batman to Mickey Mouse, we see the ancestors in all of their glory, or horror, as they posed for photos in those long ago days of this year in the studios of Foto Marvellini.

While these photographs may not show the real history of superheroes, they do give us a humorous new way of looking at our favorite heroes.








Via Foto Marvellini on Facebook


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Fascinating Stop Motion Animated Music Video for Elliot the Bull Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:48:56 +0000 colourblind

The band Elliot the Bull needed a music video to promote their sound “Colourblind” and turned to the creative minds at Oh Yeah Wow to help. The team at Oh Yeah Wow came up with a brilliant stop motion animated idea utilizing wood figures and a wood set to create a story that meshed with the lyrics and moved in sync with the soundtrack. The story begins with a simple wood colored figure exploring his wooden world, building, creating, and living, until he meets a second wood person. The second character’s fire blackened persona destroys the flowery tribute offered and then eventually destroys the first character.

The animation is fascinating with the smooth animated motions of the characters and the wooden world where they live.

via Oh Yeah Wow


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Artist Captures Pizzas Hanging Out in Unusual Places Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:42:42 +0000 pizza-in-the-wild-2

Artist and photographer Jonpaul Douglass cannot be accused of being boring or lacking in humor. In his fantastic series, Pizzas in the Wild, we see pizzas appearing in the most unusual places. Pizza hubcaps adorn cars. A pizza appears to have been mistaken for a basketball and is now stuck to the rim. A pizza takes a leisurely romp on horseback. An army tank has been left defenceless as a pizza plugs its cannon. Most importantly, we discover the mysterious pepperoni pizza plant, the real origin of every delectable pepperoni pizza we have ever devoured.

Jonpaul’s humorous romp through the world of pizza will give you a bunch of grins and giggles. We advise sitting down to look through the entire series with a hot pizza and beverage.







Via Jonpaul Douglass Photography


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Gilles Cenazandotti Creates Amazing Animal Sculptures From Beach Trash Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:08:09 +0000 animal-sculptures-beach-trash4

Disgusting! We look around our cities and see trash in the gutters. We witness trash overflowing trash bins. We see trashcans tipped over, their contents strewn in the streets. Where we see disgusting, Gilles Cenazandotti sees opportunity. Gilles collects trash from the beach and rebuilds it into amazing sculptures of animals and monsters that are colorful, fun, and exciting. His works are a dramatic way of showing that trash can be repurposed for many uses, including turning it into beautiful art.

When  you see that next pile of trash sitting on a street corner stop and ponder what Gilles Cenazandotti could make of it. Would it become an amazing monster, or would he just see a disgusting pile of waste, too?





Via So Bad So Good and Gilles Cenazandotti at Galerie 13


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Evil Dictators Show Their Softer Side by Embracing Plush Sleep Toys Wed, 16 Apr 2014 20:34:11 +0000 evil dictators plush toys

Beijing based photographer, Chunlong Sun, has captured a remarkable series showing us the soft side of the world’s most evil dictators as they hug their plush stuffed animals, or did he? The pictures show each of these world leaders clutching at their stuffed animal, but the pictures are actually amazing creations from the digital editing talent of Chunlong Sun. Sun had a series of his friends dress up as the leaders, photographed them clutching the toys, and then replaced their heads so smoothly it is almost imperceptible.

If Chunlong Sun could figure out how to translate this into real life, he would be an international hero, but for now, we will just enjoy his softening of their image.


Muammar Khadafi (aka Muammar al-Gaddafi)


Saddam Hussein


Fidel Castro


Hugo Chavez


Mobutu Sesé Seko

Here is how they were made:






Via If Its Hip Its Here and Behance


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Famous Works of Art Superimposed Onto Photos of The Devastation Brought by War Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:47:10 +0000 superimposed-art-onto-war4

Syria’s cities are filled with the horrors of war. Crumbled buildings, grenades, destruction. Artist Tamman Azzam has taken to the streets, adding his artwork to the war torn surroundings and then photographing the results to share with us. He decorates a grenade with flowers combining beauty with a destructive force. He repaints broken sections of the buildings to create colorful mosaics from from the rubble, but that does nothing to hide the horror underneath. He inserts images from art, like the Mona Lisa, over the destruction, making us wonder how she continues to smile in such terrible surroundings.

The imagery of Tamman Azzam combines elements of beauty which draw attention to his real message that war destroys.









Via Tamman Azzam


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