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What does it take to make you feel like the king of Manhattan? How about investing in an apartment that lets you looks down on your kingdom from the highest peak available? When you are finished looking out at your kingdom, you can walk around your luxurious surroundings. You might wish to soak in a bubble bath in your kingly tub while looking out at the Manhattan skyline. Invite a few friends over to lounge with you in your living room with plush white leather furniture and continue monitoring your realm through the massive windows.

How much does this royal apartment in South Central Park cost? You will only have to dig into your royal treasury for $95 million to live like a king.

This colossal structure will tower over the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and even the Freedom Tower!




Unit sizes range from 3,575 square feet to 8,255 square feet.



Unit prices start at $16.5 million to a whopping $95 million.



Owners will enjoy massive windows, 12.5-foot high ceilings and solid oak floors.





Special thank to Macklowe Properties for these salivating photographs.


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Heart-Warming Shampoo Ad Might Save Couples From Divorce, See For Yourselves Fri, 31 Oct 2014 15:33:12 +0000 rejoice-burnett

Most commercials punch you in the gut with their instant message and sales pitch. Proctor & Gamble’s Rejoice  brand launched a 4 minute video online commercial in their Asian market that has gone viral. The sensual, tear inducing commercial features a couple on verge of divorce, but she will only agree to sign the papers if he agrees to meet her to give her one hug a day for an entire month. She lures him to places where their most romantic moments occurred snuggling into his arms for a hug. His hand slowly caresses her long silky hair while he inhales the scent of her fresh hair.

The 4 minute commercial packs as much raw romance into a few minutes that many movies do in over 2 hours. Some may feel the commercial begins to feel a bit creepy as he becomes enamored with her hair. P&G Asia launched the film in China with a dual message to sell Rejoice shampoo, while also trying to help slow the growing rate of divorce in China.



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14 Bizarre Skyscrapers and Towers You May Ever See Fri, 31 Oct 2014 15:20:50 +0000 strange-skyscrapers

We usually focus the beautiful, the fantastic, and the most luxurious skyscrapers leaping up around the world. Today it is time to take a look at their ugly stepchildren. These 14 skyscrapers and towers are the world’s weirdest and most unusual towers. Are you ready for a dose of awesome ugliness?

1. Genex Tower – The Ugly Gateway of Belgrade


(image via: wikipedia)

The Genex Tower is lovingly referred to by residents as “phenomenally ugly.”

2. Ryugyong Hotel – North Korea’s Raw Concrete Triangle


(image via: wikipedia)

The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea was stuck in a half-done state for years, but now that it has been completed it has been winning accolades as the World’s Ugliest Hotel.

3. Elephant Building – Bangkok


(image via: thomas riddle)

You can stare at this strange three towered building for a week and never understand why they call it the Elephant Building. It looks more like an ugly duckling to us.

4. Robot Building – Bangkok


(image via: wikipedia)

Thailand continues their quest to have the strangest architecture in the world with the Robot Building. As least this building looks like its title, but they could have made a better choice of robots.

5. CCTV Headquarters, Beijing


(image via: buyalex)

This 44-story skyscraper has been nicknamed “Big Boxer Shorts” for its unusual design and appearance. China has built some of the most sensational buildings in the last few years, but this is not one of them.

6. Torre Velasca, Milan, Italy


(image via: david.orban)

Some buildings become known as a communities eye-sore. Torre Velasca has become that building in Milan, Italy. Its mushroom style is not a tasty portobello, it is more of a poisonous toadstool blighting the skyline.

7. Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


(image via: the full wiki)

Why would anyone build a skyscraper that looks like a tall bucket with a handle? The odd keyhole design for the Kingdom Centre was added to comply with laws prohibiting occupied floors above a certain height, while still letting it become Saudi Arabia’s tallest building.


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What This Real Estate Company Did At An Open House Will Haunt Us Forever Fri, 31 Oct 2014 14:31:58 +0000 trulia haunted house

Trulia, the online real estate search engine, hosted one of the most impressive open houses ever. In honor of Halloween, Trulia put up signs and listed ads for an open house, which they had carefully converted into a haunted house, complete with hidden cameras. Home visitors were spooked with candles that lit themselves, a sewing machine that started sewing untouched, books falling from shelves, and other spooky events. Then to spike the fear levels, they created a pile of eerie rag dolls with one over-sized doll that came to life, plus hid the deceased Grandma under the covers in the master bedroom to leap back to life at just the right moment from under the covers.

We doubt Trulia sold any houses to those unwitting victims, but the publicity from the hidden camera videos going viral has likely brought more attention to their website and services.

Via Trulia


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Old Skateboards Stacked and Cut Creating Wooden Sculptures Thu, 30 Oct 2014 16:01:54 +0000 skateboard-sculptures7

Old and broken skateboards most frequently end up on landfill or bonfires. Artist Haroshi saves skateboards from doom and helps them to be reborn into sculptures. Haroshi removes the hardware, the carefully cuts, stacks, saws, grinds, and sands the pieces into a variety of shapes and figures. He has created Teddy Bears, Nintendo’s Mario, large hands, laughing skulls, and many other impressive pieces. Haroshi lets the mulit-colored layers from the skateboards provide the color.

Haroshi hides a little magic in all of his pieces, too. Inside of every sculpture hides a tiny metallic piece from the skateboard’s hardware which he believes adds spirit and life to the piece. In many of his creations Haroshi uses the broken edges of the wood to add texture and drama. Next time a skateboard snaps under your feet, take a closer look and see what it can become.








Via Visual News and Haroshi


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The Growth of The Selfie Culture in Hong Kong Thu, 30 Oct 2014 15:27:27 +0000 selfie-promenade10

Selfie’s have become a mainstay of life and the art of photography that will never depart, but how ingrained has it become globally? Photographers Luisa Dörr and Navin Kala decided to take a closer look at this phenomenon, and to document it using their cameras. The duo of photographers traveled to popular tourist locations and watched as tourists lined, stretched out their arms, and brought their faces into focus to capture pictures of themselves. Sometimes entire groups would stand side-by-side, all with arms outstretched, taking selfies instead of handing off cameras to take pictures.

Luisa Dörr and Navin Kala’s study shows that selfies have not only become a small part of photography, but may be the fastest growing segment of photography. It is definitely the area of photography that is giving us the most fun.










Via Where Cool Things Happen and special thanks to Luisa Dörr on Blogger


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20 Freaky Sideshow Photographs From The Past That Will Haunt You. Just Wait Until You See #13! Thu, 30 Oct 2014 14:38:01 +0000 freakshow26

Before our more enlightened times. Before medical miracles. There were freaky sideshows found at circuses and traveling shows that crisscrossed the country. These 21 images may make you feel a little queasy as you take a look back at a time where freakish birth defects and illnesses became the show. Many of us heard the story of Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, but most of these strange shows have faded from history. Who can remember the human unicorn or the girl who looks eerily like a Wookie from Star Wars. The only close match to her hairy face were the many bearded women who appeared across the nation. People with no arms were matched up with people with gigantic feet to create shows which brought people streaming into fairs to catch a glimpse.

Thankfully these strange shows have been nearly eliminated by modern science and a society who does not ostracize people for differences so quickly.

1. Koo Koo The Bird Girl



2. Legless Acrobat Family



3. The Creepy Girl And Her Snake



4. 4 Legs



5. The Pierced Man



6. The Elastic Man



7. Pip And Flip, Twins From Yucatan


via unknown

8. Big Feet and No Arms



9. Fur Face



10. The Pierceable Man




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10 Crush Killing Signs That You Are Just Friends Wed, 29 Oct 2014 18:40:20 +0000 best-friends

This list may make you cringe. It may dash your hopes. Someone has to give you the bad news. These are 9 signs the person you have that serious crush on really just wants to be friends. Are you ready to find out?

1. He calls you his best buddy.

2. You always plan the outings.

3. In the rare cases he calls you to go out, it is with a handful of other friends, never alone.

4. He tells you about his flirtations with other women,or past conquests.

5. He treats you like one of the boys.


6. He keeps asking if you would like to go out with one of his friends.

7. Sleeping over at his place after a late night out is exactly that, sleeping.

8. He keeps saying “We’re friends, right?”

9. He sees you flirting with another guy and he just smiles and waves, not one touch of jealousy is ever seen.

10. His responses to your text messages, emails, and voice messages take forever to come back.

If you see these signs it is time to move on. He’s just not that into you, but that’s OK. A new crush is desperately waiting for your attention.



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Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers Terrorizes You In Just 13 Minutes Wed, 29 Oct 2014 17:54:08 +0000 brent-sims-grave-shivers

Most horror movies drag on for 2 hours taking us through moments of tension, fear, and drama. Brent Sims has managed to accomplish the same thing in his 13 minute short Grave Shivers, which takes us through three gruesome chapters featuring adults and children in extremely macabre moments filled with unexpected twists and turns. If you need that quick shot of nerve rattling horror before you drift off to sleep, Grave Shivers provides it in just a few moments of high-quality story telling.

Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers managed to run away with the audience award from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Los Angeles and captured the award at the New Orleans Film Festival. If you like your horror in short doses, you are about to be delighted.

Do you have what it takes to watch this alone? Well, we dare you to check this short out…

Watch it below!

Via Sims Film on Vimeo


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This Video Captures The Artistry of Extracting Giant Marble Blocks Wed, 29 Oct 2014 16:51:31 +0000 extracting giant marble blocks

Who could have imagined the hard work of extracting giant marble blocks from a quarry required such precision and artistry. Italian filmmaker Yuri Ancarani traveled to the marble quarries at Carrara, Italy to capture the magic in action.

Watch as the quarry boss directs the large equipment operators and equipment with hand motions that would make the most talented opera conductor jealous. Inch by inch he directs the motion of the equipment to make sure the giant blocks of marble break away precisely and land on the soft bed of dirt below to avoid shattering into pieces.

The hand motions are hypnotic with the precision and control and become even more incredible as you watch the precision of the equipment he directs. This ballet of heavy equipment is as precise as the finest movements of ballet dancers gliding across a stage.


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