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Fixr Multi-Tool


A multi-tool should always be ultra portable, versatile and have the most tools in one possible. Being reasonably priced also is a terrific bonus. When it comes down to selecting the right multi-tool it really boils down to your own personal use or needs. The Fixr multi-tool is like no other we have seen before. It is pocket-friendly and packs 20 tools! Constructed using solid black titanium coated 422 grade stainless steel, the multi-tool is lightweight while still being extremely strong. Some if its 20 different tools include a quick release clip, large and medium flat screwdrivers, medium and small Phillips screwdrivers, 14mm to 6mm Spanner/Wrench, wire strippers, pry bar, cutting blade and a heck of a lot more fun stuff. The Fixr comes with a leather carrying pouch as well as a handy clip on that allows you to easily hook it up to your keys or belt. You can get your very own Fixr for around $23 USD.[Purchase]