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Flat Skull LED Lamp Looks 3D



Nir Chehanowski from the Israeli design firm Studio Cheha is trying to change your home lighting plans. Nir has created a series of LED Lamps that are completely flat, but look wonderfully 3D. The Skull Lamp in this picture is just one example of his optical illusions that make the lamps appear to have depth, even when they are as flat as a table top. The lights are created by laser engraving into a flat surface and then using dozens of incised line filled with the LED lighting.

Along with the skull, Nir has created Balloons, Spirals, an entire Galazy, and a Teddy Bear. These incredible creations are priced at $120 through Bulbing-Light. The lamps look incredible with the room lights turned on, and become even more amazing once the lights go out.

Via Cool Material and Bulbing-Light